As the Islamic civil war rage in Syria, Russia upgrades early waring radars to be used by Iran.  

Vladimir Putin is so concerned about getting more trade with Iran, that the Tsar side with Syria and the Ayatollah against Israel.

Russian experts recently upgraded Syria’s long-range radar systems in an effort to provide Iran with an early warning in the event of an attack on its nuclear facilities.

The Russians installed new equipment at a radar facility south of Damascus, and modified software for other systems.

Similar work was done on the radar system positioned at Mount Sannine in Lebanon.

The upgraded radar covers a wide area in the eastern Mediterranean and can detect aerial activity for hundreds of kilometers. Special sites in Syria are fully or partially manned by Russian operators, primarily near Tartus.

Source: Israel

My comment:

For all of us who are able to cut through all political correctness and search for the spiritual realities:

It is obvious that the King of the North will side with the evil empire of Persia in the battle against Zion.

Not only are the two kingdoms trading partners. They have a common spiritual desire to get rid of the nation that proves in our days that God of Israel is the only true God.

The best way to make the Bible null and void, once and for all, is to destroy Israel. Than man can rely on philosophy, poems and silly talks to explain the meaning of life.

As long as Israel stand, the king of this world stands exposed.

In our days the rebirth and restoration of the Jews in their ancient home land, is the best proof there is that Jesus the Messiah is alive.

Written by Ivar