Netanyahu: We can attack Iran any day but not soon

“This is not a matter of days or week. It is also not a matter of years”.

Benjamin Netanyahu must permit Israeli security to be reduced to a matter of Obama's bid to get reelected.

An Israeli attack on Iran to halt its nuclear program is not in the immediate offing, but will also not – if necessary – be pushed off for years, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu intimated in interviews he gave Thursday to the country’s three television networks.

PM acknowledges US, Israel have different time clock on Iran; says acting against Washington’s wishes will not rupture ties, citing 1948 declaration of statehood, attack against Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 as examples.

“I don’t have a stop watch in hand,” Netanyahu said in a segment of the interview to Channel 2 aired Thursday evening. “This is not a matter of days or week. It is also not a matter of years. The result has to be that the threat of a nuclear weapon in Iran’s hands is removed.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The cold war between Israel and Iran is getting hotter.

Benjamin Netanyahu has eventrally given the Jewish people a promise to strike Iran to get rid of the threat of a second Holocaust.

The PM of Israel will obviously not tell Iran when the attack is expected.  Like in 1967, the Pan-Arabian military forces was destroyed as Israel hit them by surprise.

The World must side with Israel.

Or did you take pleasure in the first Holocaust too?

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Netanyahu: We can attack Iran any day but not soon

  1. Yesterday I read how all the jihad is racing to Syria. prophecy being fulfilled..I would say so as G-d tells us the weapons against Israel will be used to kill the enemies of Israel and having them in ONE place , looks like it will happen soon, G-d will NOT be mocked. also Isaiah 17 tells us how Damascus will be rubble and never to be rebuilt. and now we see the nations on Israel’s boarders ready to attack Psalms 83 which will be defeated..and how G-d tells us the Nukes in the Busher will be destroyed. and when Russia comes with all the nations, they to will be destroyed as well. old putin has a hook in his mouth. G-d says Israel will again will these next two wars and when All the nations come against HER, HE will show up and kill many on the banks of the meditrainian sea and make a grave yard there and kill millions and then chase them back to their nations and kill them on the way and follow them into their nations and kill the men , women and children and the ox. They all have a choice but decided the god of this world would win as he goes around stealing , ,killing and destroying and blinding the elect ..and after all the warnings given in HIS Word, they still follow their sin, lust and money fake ministries so pride looking to be seen by men, taking money from the poor and building and buying rich places and jets and whatever worldly junk they think is so great, forgeting they were naked coming into the world and wlll leave naked. the glory they think they have been given here is all they will have just before hell sucks them in. Israel saved the day hitting saddam s nukes and will again..why anyone would walk in the councel of the wicked is beyond me..payday is coming…very soon Israel will STAND Forever and ever ..they need to get back to the true bible the KJV is the closest to truth and look up the Hebrew meansing instead of mens..even a child can understand that. I see the protical son story, remember how Yeshua taught in parables..the son when he cam home , broke and sad, the Father had not chased HIM but when He returned the Father wrapped his arms in love and GAVE HIM THE sygnet Ring, just as HE will Israel in the end. not forgetting HE blinded them for us heathen so we would have the power to becomes sons of G-d. and read how the older son’s attitude was..such is the churches today.. It doesn’t mater who believe’s G-d or not, HIS Word is truth and yet they have no fear but G-d said the Fear of the L-rd is the beginning of Wisdon…you can read all of Jeramiah 30 and 31 and find the turh there as to what G-d wll do to the enemies who hurt the apple of HIS Eye..Shalom

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