Do not be yoked with Muslims or non believers

Many people do not know what a yoke is. That is why they accept pastors who wants to build interfaith projects with Muslims.

Who wants to build Interfaith projects with someone who leads people away from Jesus?

The debate around Rick Warren who wants to build Interfaith projects with Islam, needs an explanation of the tool ” a yoke”.

 2 Corinthians 6:14

Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?

How can you build interfaith projects with people you are convinced lead people to the fire of Hell?

Would you like to use this tool in your work for Jesus, building projects with non-believers?

If that is not to be “yoked” with non believers, than nothing is.

People who build something together are yoked together.

They can not split, but have to walk in the same direction. Disagreements results in a full stop.

Paul explains that light and darkness have nothing in common.

This is true. Evangelical Christians live in the light of Jesus, and have accepted Him as Lord, God and savior.  Muslims have not.

Neither has Roman Catholics. But that is a long story. But to make a short version: The Vatican teaches that the blood of Jesus can not save anyone. No one can claim salvation in Jesus today. The sins are not going to be forgiven before in the purging fires of purgatory.

Take a good look at there two cows.  Do you want to build anything with a person who has not surrendered to the guiding light of Jesus?

Be wise.

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “Do not be yoked with Muslims or non believers

  1. The picture and your comment illustrates what these interfaith project builders in a brilliant way! I`ll back to a few things in this connection a bit later when I have time.

  2. Here I am back again with a few issues that have been troubling me for a while, and which I want to ask if some of you who are reading this have got some more insight into.

    Last year , I read an article in a Norwegian Christian newspaper ;”Dagen”(from 28th Sept), which presented a movement which calls itself “Insider Movement”.It was the first time I ever heard about this movement even though it has existed for a while. The ones affiliated with this movement, claim that they can be Muslim and Jesus followers simulataneously. They don`t call themselves Christians but rather Muslim-Jesus followers, Hindu-Jesus followers, Jewish-Jesus followers or Buddhist-Jesus followers, depending on which religious background they come from. Instead of joining Christians for fellowship, they go to Mosques, Hindu or Buddhist temples or whatever, and worship there. They also take part in rituals and sermonies of the given religion. Some of them would, for instance, go on Hadj to Mekka……. Well, if this is not being yoked together with unbelievers and mixing of religions, what is it then? Instead of questioning this movement, however, the writer of the article requested the reader not to condemn this movement but rather accept it as “another” equally valid way to follow Jesus…..

    After having read this article, I felt uneasy about it. I tried to find out more about the movement. I encountered a mission organisation; “Frontiers” which promote the the Insider movement. After having read some articles about this issue on their web-site, I was left even more confused.I decided to stop researching into it and asked the Lord to give me clarity, as it was weighing heavily on me. I didn`t think so much about it until I recently found another article in the same Norwegian newspaper, written by the same journalist, which brought up a related issue. Seemingly, a group of Bible translaters were discussing whether to replace Father and Son with other terms in some Bible translations, as this might have a sexual connotation in Muslim countries. Immediatlely, I thought that this could have some relation to the Insider movement. And I was right.This really disturbed me! Do they know what they are doing? Taking away the Father-Son relationship in the Bible, would mean creating another gospel; an Islamized Gospel! It would please the muslims and serve them a proof that our Bible is corrupted!

    I found a Website; Biblical-missionology, and signed a petition which pleads to keep the Father-Son terminology in these Bible translations. A couple of days ago, I received an E-mail from Frontiers, which obviously was sent to everyone who has signed the petition. There they claimed that the issue was mispresented, and that they still believe in the trinity and divinity of Jesus.
    This left me confused again. What is to be trusted nowadays? Even Wycliffe seems to be involved in this Bible translation.

    Well, I would like to hear from you what you know about this issue and what your opinion is?

    1. Dear Hildi


      I saw hundreds of thousands of Hindus praying with Benny Hinn on an airport ground in the city of Bangalore in India. Hinn claimed mass salvation in this “miracle crusade”. The problem was that Hinn did not have a clue of what He was dealing with.

      One week after Hinn had left India, these Hindus were back in their temples worshiping pagan idols. Few if any pastors could report on a significant rise in interests for local fellowships nor Bible studies.

      Here is a link to my report from this event:

      What really happened, was that Hindus who believe Jesus is “a god” came to be blessed by Hinn. First and foremost to receive healing or financial blessings. But hardly any of these Hindu’s believe that there is only One God, and that the way to this God does ONLY go through the cross at Calvary. Tens of millions of Hindu’s have Jesus as one of their favorite “gods”. Millions have Jesus among their “Top 10”.

      This is the deception that takes place when lawless men like Benny Hinn comes to India to preach. Men like Hinn do not preach against worship of idols, and do not tell people to repent and turn away from paganizm. The full understanding of the cross can never be preached to hundreds of thousands of Hindus. Because than most of the people at such sites will quickly leave, and millions of dollars will not be collected at the venue.

      If Hinn has spoken out against idols, there would have been riots in the streets. Hinn could have become a new Stephen.

      The same problem will will be manifested in “interfaith” projects between followers of Jesus and followers of Muhammad. The truth is the first that will be thrown over board.

      1. In my opinion, Benny Hinn is a false prophet. It is sad to hear what was happening after his crusade. The message of the cross is a stumbling block to many. But it is only when we preach the true Gospel that people can come to saving faith in Jesus Christ!

        The mission command in Matthew. 28 tells us not just to preach the Gospel, but also to “teach them” to observe everything that Jesus commanded. This will take time. But a good shepherd would have enough love for the flock to do so.

  3. Hi Hildi,
    I can share some insights from a jewish perspective. Im sure that you are aware of the jewish kosher laws. These laws are not just about food. They cover everything from food, clothing, and marriage, ect. The purpose for these laws are to prevent us from mixing the holy with the profane.
    Worship should never be mixed with the profane. It is to be kept seperate and holy unto the Lord.
    Islam is from Satan and should never be mixed with the worship given to HaShem and His Son. Take care that you are not carried away from the pure worship of Yeshua (Jesus.)

  4. If so called biblie teachers who KNOW the true Gospel would realize that there is NO NEW NEW Covenant. but what was added to the JEWS Covenant was the cross. What the teachers stumble on is reading the bible backwards from the new test..back to the tora that Yeshus taught out of. NO one else besides the Jews and Israel were given a covenant but the gentiles were adopted thru Salvation of the Cross..what they need to understand is Salvation is of the Jews as Yeshua said. but instead they like to set Israel aside and forgotten that they think they are the new Israel and that Jews need to change everything about their Jewishness etc. but Paul and Moses both said they are Israelis the only difference was excepting Christ as L-rd. people need to see that Yeshua taught out of the Tora and later reveled the New T to his dicipies thru the HOLY Spirit. That G-d blinded the Jews so us hearth could become sons of G-d…NO gods…and be grafted into Israel If they don’t the bible says they do not have the faith of Abraham and G-d..also to relize HE came to fulfill the laws..we are to follow Yeshua as HE was at all the Jewsih feasts and festivals the seder etc but people today follow the ways of catholic fake ways involves Paganism and traditions of men..Yeshua said to do what HE taught and if we love HIM follow HIM and that HIS Sheepe would follow HIM IF we love HIM we will hear HIS voice..In Jer 30 and 31 it is clear that the Covenant was given to Israel ..and that thru Chirst we can be saved. we are to search the scripture so we can KNOW the truth..

    1. When GOD gave the laws of Kashrut (keeping kosher) it covered more than just food, it determined how you cut your hair, what you were to wear for clothes, how and who you worshiped, etc. These laws were one huge object lesson in keeping the holy separate from the profane.

      The New Testament says this…..” You cannot partake of the table of God and of the table of demons.” Interfaith worship is forbidden. Remember, Yeshua is coming for a “spotless bride,” not a whore.

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