The Synagogue of Satan displayed on Internet-TV

Michael Voris claims that there are no Jews anymore, only false Jews. The Roman Catholics are now the “real Israel”.

Here are some of the antisemitic nonsense spoken by Michael Voris:

 “As soon as the Romans were done with its work, the Jews as the religion of the covenant no longer existed”.

“Rabbinical Judaism is not the Judaism of the covenant. It is a man made religion”.

“We, that Catholic Church, is the continuation of Israel:”

This is what the Real Catholic writes about itself:


 The mission of is to promote the faith given to humanity by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, God and the Messiah. This faith is the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church led by the heir of Saint Peter, Pope Benedict XVI.

Not all Roman Catholics are to happy with this “Catholic TV”.

 In a press release issued December 15 and signed by Communications officer Joe Kohn, the Archdiocese of Detroit states: “The Archdiocese has informed Mr. Voris and Real Catholic TV,, that it does not regard them as being authorized to use the word ‘Catholic’ to identify or promote their public activities.”

 Of note there are prominent ‘Catholic’ entities and even Catholic priests in the Archdiocese of Detroit directly flouting Church teaching without a comparable reprimand from the Archdiocese.  One such entity is a group of priests of the Archdiocese who are publicly in favor of women’s ordination to the priesthood and against the Church’s teaching prohibiting contraception.  The group is called “Elephants in the living room.”

 Source: Life site news.

My comment:

I feel this Real Catholic TV is an excellent exposure of “replacement theology”, that is taught in a global false Church mentioned in the book of Revelation: It is true that the Jewish people have no Temple and no blood. But God of the Bible does still love them and blesses them.

First and foremost by the restoration of what the pagan Roman Empire destroyed in 70. A.D, the Jewish homeland that was trampled on by gentiles like Michael Voris since that day up to the restoration of Israel in 1948.

Even after the restoration of Israel, Roman Catholics like Michael Voris continues their walk in Jew-hate and shameless blasphemous talk.

 Revelation 3:9

I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

The good news is that when the Jewish Messiah comes back to Jerusalem, the Roman Catholics will come and fall down at their feet of Jews home in Israel, who they have defamed and demonized.

That will be an awesome display of a Messiah who will rule the Roman Catholics liars with His Iron rod.

Man is saved by Yeshua alone, by His mercy alone, separated from works or observance of the law. Amen.

Written by Ivar

8 thoughts on “The Synagogue of Satan displayed on Internet-TV

    1. Dear Ant writes.


      There seems to be a line in Church history, that divided us. God of the Bible do not want to have anything to do with all Churches who accept the antichrist in the Vatican. In these kind of corrupt and wicked assemblies, there will only be falsehood and religious stuff left at the end of the road.

      Israel is a stumbling block for many Christians, and so is the city of Jerusalem. If you side with “allah”, you will use words like “occupation” to brand the Zionist state as man made evil. If you do this you have bought the lies, and do no longer accept or listen to the Spirit of Truth.

      1. Agreed. I believe that if someone has problems with israel, that comes from Satan. Replacement Theology is the spawn of preterism, or that all prophecies happened in 70 AD. Israel ceased to be, and the church is now Israel. But the main problem with replacement theology, is that the bible doesn’t say that anywhere!

  1. The RCC not only has the un-Biblical religious notion of “replacement theology”–it also has always had the very dangerous (and un-Biblical) political idea of dominionism. This idea that the RCC has a right to spread their “dominion” over the earth, led to the slaughter of many millions of Jews and Bible-believing Christians in the past. It is leading them to back the formation of a one-world religion which will help the Antichrist to achieve his political goals. However, the Whore of Babylon will not have long to exult in the blood of the martyrs before “she” herself will perish at the hand of Antichrist and his captains, who will demand complete dedication to him.

  2. I assure you there are some Christians here in California and many in other places in the United States that do not buy into Obama, the Catholic Church, or any other false religion. There is only one God, that sent his Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross, resurrect on the third day, that sent the Holy Spirit as the Comforter.
    I’m just beginning to learn more about the Jewish Feasts and what they all mean. There are millions here in the US that are fighting day and night to expose the crimes of Obama and his administration along with the most corrupt Congress we have ever had in the history of this country.
    It is so sad for us here in the United States and the rest of the world, but on the other hand, we don’t have too much longer to wait for what we all know is about to happen. I wonder often what could be said to turn them from their deceitful and wicked imaginations and then I am reminded that this is exactly what is written in the greatest history book that has ever been written. There is nothing anyone can do to change what God has already preordained from the beginning of this world. God has set every government in place that is. The person calling himself Barack H Obama is not one that has been transparent as he campaigned. BHO is a Great Liar! We have very courageous men and women here that have uncovered infallible proof that he is not who he say’s he is. His birth certificate is a forgery and his civil service record as well. He was not born in Hawaii as he and our media claim but instead Kenya as his grandmother has proudly proclaimed and as proven on his uncovered birth certificate. He is not an American Citizen as required by our constitution. He has spent over 2 million dollars keeping his records sealed. It is highly unlikely that he actually won the election in 2008. We have more proof than he has that it was the biggest fraud ever pulled upon the American people. Most of our courts are corrupt right along with him. I have often wondered if he was spawned to be honest.
    Since he took office gun sales have soared in record numbers here. December 2011 saw over 1.41 million NICS background checks run, the most ever for a single month. Ruger’s firearm sales have gone from $117 million to $232 million, an increase of 98%
    Winchester’s sales of ammunition have gone from $431.7 million to $572 million, an increase of 33%
    Federal excise taxes collected on the sale of new firearms and ammunition has risen 48.3%
    January 2012 was the 20th straight month of increases in NICS background checks compared to the same month in the previous year.
    The few states which regularly report concealed carry permit numbers have seen increases in active permit holders ranging from 46% to 161%. As many as 45 million Americans now own handguns and rifles. It was said that America isn’t preparing for Y2K, but instead, 1776.
    My job now is to awaken as many as I can so that they might also inherit the Kingdom of God. I’m excited to know that we will soon see the Mansions in our Father’s house, and the place Jesus has built for us that love him.
    Enjoy your website very much.

  3. What Mr. Voris says is true. The nation calling itself “Israel” has nothing in common with Biblical Israel. It is a racist, secular state. It has no use for Christianity, Islam or even Judaism as it is now practiced.

    Exactly how “Jewish” some Israelis are is subject to question. Many are non-practicing descendants of Eastern European converts to Judaism. At the same time, some Palestinians have some Jewish ancestors from the Jews who remained in the area after the destruction of the Temple.

    Today, ISRAEL is the Church. The Church is the continuation of the old Jewish religion. That is where you find the sacrifice, that is where you find the priesthood. ISRAEL today is made up of Jews who accepted Christ as well as non-Jews who accept Him. There is no distinction. At least, that’s what St. Paul says.

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