Spend 30 minutes to see the truth about Obama and Israel

The World have been deceived my many claimed Christian leaders to believe Barack Hussein Obama is a “Christian”.

This video expose the falsehood presented as “Christianity”, blessed on the White House lawn by Saddelback Pastor Rick Warren.

For the first time in history  Islam has one of their own son’s placed in the White House. The end game pressure on Israel is now coming from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Beirut and Cairo. But more spectacular, is the Islamic agenda being promoted by the Commander in Chief in Washington.

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3 thoughts on “Spend 30 minutes to see the truth about Obama and Israel

  1. This was a good video that scrutinizes President Obama and shows his true face.

    It is clear to me that both Obama and Rick Warren are double-tongued men. They will say whatever is convenient to their agenda in a specific situation, and say something completely different in another setting. When speaking to a predominantly Christian audience, they will speak what is pleasing to their ears, whereas to a Muslim audience they will speak what is pleasing to them. When confronted with various allegations, they will downright deny them, leaving many in confusion over what to believe.

    The Bible strongly opposes such behavior. In 1 Tim.3 v 8 we read;

    “In like manner the deacons must be worthy of respect, not shifty and double-talkers but sincere in what they say….” (Amplified Bible)

    I believe that all this double talk is one of the methods in which the devil draws people from every camp to join his one world religion.
    What do you think, Ivar?

    1. Dear Hildi

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I believe you are right. The video of Obama expose him. He started by campaigning for the Jewish and Evangelical Christian votes, by promising to support a united Jerusalem. Today Obama is with the PLO and Hamas, demanding that Israel shall be forced to accept defeat in the 1967 war.

      In regards to Rick Warren. I do not trust Him. I once up on a time purchased 20 “Purpose driven life”, and distributed them as a Mission project.

      To regain my trust, Warren must say a few words about Islam that is based on the truth, not political correctness. If Warren says: “Muhammad is a false prophet” He will regain my trust. But that will cost him his planned “Interfaith projects” with Islam, and probably a couple of million dollars in UN support. And I guess the White House will ex-communicate him.

  2. I forgot to say that I thought that Prime Minister Netanyahu really needs our prayers in a time like this. He is under extreme pressure and dealing with double tongued men must require a lot of wisdom.

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