Pro Islamic Jihad week in 80 US Universities

There is hostile environment toward Israel in 60-80 out of 4000 American universities‬‬.

A mix of leftists, seuclar Americans and Islamic Jihadiats in the US lie and cheat on Israel .

Pro-Palestinian campaign, marked in European universities last week, arrives in US. CEO of pro-Israeli organization says there is hostile environment toward Israel in 60-80 out of 4000 American universities‬‬

– The Israel Apartheid Week, a pro-Palestinian international campaign which includes films, lectures, demonstrations and calls for a boycott of Israel, commenced in US campuses on Sunday. The anti-Israel event was initiated in Europe eight years ago. This year’s event will last six days in the US and then move to Canada.


My comment:

If you call Israel for a “racist state” you have been deceived by Islam.

If you call Israel and “apartheid state” you have been deceived by Islam.

If you say Israel is “occupying Arab land”, you have been deceived by Islam.

The truth is that Israel has liberated Zion from Islamic occupation and oppression. Jerusalem was liberated in 1967, and Jews are today free to build homes in the districts of Judea and Samaria.

Israel can never be a racist state. There are two million Israeli Arabs living in Israel with full Israeli citizenship. The large majority of them are Muslims.

If you support “The Israel Apartheid Week”, you are basically supporting Islamic Jihad. The same anti-democratic force that cripple and kill for “allah”.

It is you choice.

God of Israel and His Messiah Jesus will set up the Messianic throne in Jerusalem and give an eternal and just punishment to all who side with the Islamic children of the devil.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “Pro Islamic Jihad week in 80 US Universities

  1. shalom all let me say this I REFUSE TO ACCEPT ISLAM I DONT BELEIVE IN ISLAM OR SHARIA LAWS THEY CANT FORCE ME TO ACCEPT IT these americans who are brainwashed listening to these lies and coming to campus of colleges and universities to brainwash the students into lies and fool them and i know that satan is thinking he is succeeding he will fail just watch what will happen america will get more storms this year and deadlier storms will kill them becuase of thier wickedmess against israel and to jews I LOVE ISRAEL AND I LOVE THE JEWISH PEOPLE I BECAME ONE OF THEM THROUGH CONVERSION TO JUDAISM no one can stop me but i beleive in god and i do beleive in the messiah yes he is yeshua Hamashiach bad things will happen to those who follow islam and the lies and blaspheme against israel.i expect 2012 to get much much worse before yeshua will come back, yeshua was never islamic he was jewish born of jewish parents in bethlehem at that time. arabs think they own israel NOOOO they don’t jews own it period…..arabs own nothing in israel i pray that jews will keep on building homes and schools and synagogues i hope they do it and ignore those arabs and teach them they jews own israel and its a jewish homeland period. no exceptions whatsoever!!!!! AMEN i pray that the lord will protect israel and our jewish brothers and sistes there in the land

  2. Israel can never be but a racist state. There are two million Israeli Arabs living as “slaves” in Israel without Israeli citizenship. The large majority of them are Muslims. Until today Israel demolished more than 90% of Palestinian new houses. A Palestinian cannot marry another Palestinian from another region… A Palestinian cannot even have water …not even reserves rains…Life is for “holy nation” in Talmudic conviction, all others, all others, are animals in portrayal of human, to serve Jews … We will see on 2022

    1. Do not worry Mr Marwan, “your” so called brothers will join the Israeli army very soon to defend their privileged status of life and their olive trees in Israeli land, because they freely choose to do so long time ago. Yes they also will defend Israeli land from terrorist in words and in actions like you.

      1. mr Marwan, your words will not help you or get you anywhere and yes your brothers will soon join the israeli military forces and defend the land of israel and jewish people. and thier olive trees too. as you can see israel is not racist they are not an apartheid either they are a loving free people i stand with the people of israel they arre free to build on land they choose even u.s. cannot tell them they cannot build on land thats wrong god will one day punish those who do these things to the them that promote or inflict harm on jewish country, u.s. knows better but they speak evil now so BEWARE Mr.marwan what you do or say to jews be careful with words you also use

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