Adored “Christ” for 10 years before swallowing him

Father Neuhaus explains he adored “Christ” for 10 years before coming forward for communion.

It took Neuhaus, a Jew turned Catholic priest, 10 years of adoration before coming forward and swallow the Roman version of the "Messiah".

Father David Neuhaus was born into a Jewish family and yet at an early age he converted to Christianity.

Asked by Zenit how he came to “christ”, the Jewish convert to catholicism, Father Neuhaus gives the following explanation:

 Q: So the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist was never a question for you.

Father Neuhaus: Absolutely no question and not only that but I was regularly going to adoration long before I could even take Communion.

Father Neuhaus: It was very clear right from the very beginning of my Christian life that I was very much drawn to the Eucharist; to be in contact with the Body of Christ in the Eucharist. And of course, I repeat again for 10 years I attended the Eucharist regularly without being able to participate.

Source: Zenit

My comment:

Catholic priests claims they eat the literally meat of Jesus, and drinking his blood.

There is a lot confusion in the Roman Catholic Church, in regards to salvation and participation in the “body of Christ”.

Father Neuhaus explains that he adored “Christ” for 10 years, without being able to accept hm in the sacrament.

To become a proper Roman Catholic it is not enough to adore the body of Christ. You must participate.  If you skip the Eucharist, you live in sin.
To participate in the “body of Christ’, you must swallow and consume the Roman “Messiah”. 

If you do not eat, swallow and consume the Messiah, you are not a proper “Christian”.

This kind of religious stuff is blunt and pure blasphemy against Jesus of the Bible.

Jesus is presently in Heaven, and can not be confined to a round wafer.  You do not accept Jesus by literally eating him.

Christianity is not some kind of strange cannibalism.

To accept and follow Jesus is to submit to His teaching, and obeying His commands.

Do not listen to the Vatican priesthood. If you follow their example, you will die in your sins and loose your salvation. Please repent, and get out of such assemblies of the wicked.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “Adored “Christ” for 10 years before swallowing him

  1. Ivar.
    You wrote:

    If you do not eat, swallow and consume the Messiah, you are not a proper “Christian”.

    My reply:
    Wow. That sure sounds disgusting.

    1. Dear Sue.


      In Biblical Christianity, you are born again the day you accept Jesus as risen from the dead, alive and on the throne in Heaven.

      In Roman Catholicism you have no clear teaching on what it is to be born again, when and how to accept His Lordship.

      This poor deceived Jew was “adoring Christ” for 10 years, but not being able to consume the round wafer. I think this is one of the most exposing story of the falsehood around the Eucharist. If this Jew had died during the decade of adoration, He would have perished, a Jew not being able to “accept Jesus of Rome” in the “blessed sacrament”.

      What a shame. What a damnable cult of heretics.

  2. Today in the participation of the LAST SUPPER; is it valid when a community of true Christians gather.
    Please make me understand and explain. Cause Lord Jesus said ‘do this in memory of ME.
    Or any focus in community gathering and the essence and essentials
    of it.

  3. As Roman Catholic for over 25 years i left the Pagan catholic church because i could never stand the Pagan teachings and the worship of Dead Saints. . Every time i entered a church and saw the Statues and pictures of Jesus , Mary and the saints . i remember what the Holy Bible states of Gods Commandments was Make no graven False images of God .Catholics always lie and say we don’t worship Mary or dead saints . But the truth is they do., they have Novenas and pray to mary for Help and for forgivness of sins. and catholics ask Mary to ask Jesus to intercede for us. Why not pray to God the Father after all he is God allmighty. God said I’m the Lord thy God their is no other I’m not Man and no Man is God . look it up its written in the Bible.Jesus was a Rabbi and a Jew he would never tell anyone to Drink Blood or Eat His Flesh. thats against Gods Law. no Jew would ever eat a Animal that its blood wasn’t Drained before eating its against Kosher laws of God. only Pagans eat & drink human Flesh & blood. . Pray to God not any other Man created Gods. Remember No Man Born of Human women is God ! Pagan Religions as the Greeks , Romans & Egyptians Created Human Born Gods . Wake up People. use your God given Brains . all Religions are only a money making Business. They all hide the True Facts. and call you Sheep because you follow without Question Even Jesus said—- Question all things spoken & written by Man !

    1. Dear Paul.


      You wrote:

      Every time i entered a church and saw the Statues and pictures of Jesus , Mary and the saints . i remember what the Holy Bible states of Gods Commandments was Make no graven False images of God

      My reply:

      I am blessed by your U-turn in life. News That Matters will forever refuse to become corrupt, and accept the Roman Catholic Church as anything but an evil and apostate religious movement.

      Large parts of Evangelical Christianity has lost its blessings, by their “peace” treaty with the antichrist in Rome. They have moved into ecumenical projects with the Vatican, acknowledging the Papacy as a seat of Christianity. This kind of “peace treaty” will lead them into silence in regards to the horrible crimes of the Vatican. Past and present.

      The melody is: For the sake of “global unity”, we must love each other enough to accept sin and corruption in the “body of Christ”.

      It is a spiritual disaster taking place within Global Christianity. Please be a good protestant, and refuse to obey corrupt priest and pastors. Get out of the wicked assemblies, and join Bible obeying Christians.

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