UK-French drone documents stolen by spys

A briefcase filled with documents relating to a new Franco-British drone project has been stolen at the Gare du Nord station in Paris, reports say.

A drone is a robot. The pilot can sit in a house miles away from the target and deliver a bomb.

Police have been examining closed circuit film to discover who took the papers, reportedly on 2 February.

UK PM David Cameron discussed a plan for pilot-less drones with President Nicolas Sarkozy last week.

French developer Dassault Aviation says no sensitive documents were taken and the project’s security is not at risk.

The BBC’s Christian Fraser in Paris says the bilateral development plan is the biggest since the two countries recently agreed to share defense assets.

According to a report in Le Parisien newspaper, the briefcase was stolen when a senior Dassault Aviation official buying a Eurostar rail ticket went to the help of a colleague who was being bothered by a young man.

When the official returned to retrieve his case, it had disappeared. It is thought his attention was deliberately diverted while an accomplice made off with the case.

Source: The BBC

My comments:

If Iran gets drones, the Islamic regime does not need suicide bombers any more.

The hot stuff can be delivered by robots.  Just like America does in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

For Israel, Islamic militants armed with drones is a horrific scenario.  Any Israeli leader can be targeted by small drones, that can fly into Israel below radar range.

The age of terror is soon reaching the zenith.

Written by Ivar

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