100 Jewish leaders endorse peace theater in Jordan

Nearly 100 leaders of US Jewish organizations will travel to Jordan to endorse King Abdullah II’s “peace effort”.

Benjamin Netanyahu tries to make peace with Arabs who are dishonest and who tell lies.

Nearly 100 leaders of US Jewish organizations will travel to Jordan Tuesday to meet King Abdullah II and show support for his sponsorship of last month’s low-level Israeli-Palestinian talks.

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, currently holding their annual meeting in Jerusalem, is scheduled to meet both Abdullah and Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh.

The organization issued a statement saying that in these “turbulent times” it wanted to meet the King and “commend him for Jordan’s role – and his in particular – in supporting negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, and seeking to be a source of stability in a region in turmoil.”
Malcolm Hoenlein, the group’s executive vice president, has met regularly over the years with various Arab leaders, and in December 2010 went to Damascus to meet with Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

You can not rebuke Jews who have done anything they can to maintain peace in the Middle East.  Most human beings long for peace and stability in their lives.

The problem is that Islam is a violent and evil ideology, that is written down in the Koran.  To make “peace” with people who promote death and destruction quickly becomes an uphill task.

Israel has bid for peace since its war of independence in 1948. After 64 years of Islamic Jihad on the Jewish state, the Arabs are still hell bound in their effort to punish God for his re-birth of Israel. This is a fight the Arabs will lose. They will not only get physically hurt in the bargain, but be punished with continued pain and agony for eternity.

 Matthew 5:9
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers. The Jews are the only true peacemakers in the Middle East.

Their struggle for survival will not end before the Messiah returns.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “100 Jewish leaders endorse peace theater in Jordan

  1. There are a number of issues we need to look at, even then we cannot pass judgement but we simply are left learning to understand and accept that humanity has got it all wrong.

    After the 6 day war the Jewish state was complete and had control of the Temple Mount. Why did they cede control of it to Muslim Arabs?

    The God of Israel gave His people instructions, ‘when you enter the land which I give to you’ Look up the rest in your Bible, the LORD God gave instructions, Torah scholars know what those instructions are, and Jewish leaders must have known, yet they did not do it. The LORD God says there will be a price to pay for not doing what He told His people to do.

    Research by Brit Am provides evidence of where the northern Israelite tribes went, Britain and the colonies and northern europe hold many interesting clues.

    Those northern tribes were given the same instructions as the Jews but were not inclined to keep any of Gods laws or do what He specifically instructed them to do in the lands He gave them.

    Iran was once part of the British Empire, Israelites in ancient times entered Britain, they did not tear down the pagan idols they assimilated, though a remnant did keep Gods laws, the majority applied the maxim, ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’ hence Britain becoming a Catholic nation. Had the ancient Israelites influenced Britain by introducing divine law the world would be a different place today, sadly, they did not.

    Our Lord Jesus said that we should remove the log from our own eyes before attempting to remove the splinter from our brothers.

    Our brothers in Israel only need to come to know Jesus as Lord and saviour, everyone else has to learn Torah and get back on track.

    The majority of ‘christians’ will gravitate toward catholicism and the false peace it will eventually establish.

    Whilst it might be difficult to accept, it is written that many will be duped by the worlds religious communities finally getting along, but when they do, the political system will also settle into a unified one world system.

    Then when they claim to have established world peace it will all fall apart.

    God said that Israel would fail, please, don’t confuse modern Israel with the ten tribes referred to as Israel in your Bible, modern Israel is ‘Judah’ in the Bible. All have sinned, Judah not nearly as much as the lost tribes, the gentilised Israelites among the Western nations.

    Also it is important to understand what God says is the qualification to be an Israelite and not what the world says.

    According to the Bible, anyone dwelling with, employed by or a slave to an Israelite must be taught Gods laws and becomes an Israelite by adoption.

    Britain became home to Israelite peoples, one of her prime ministers was definately Israelite – Benjamin Disraeli. He did not establish Gods laws in Britain though he may have introduced laws influenced by the Bible.

    But God does not do ‘grey’ He does black and white.

    Our Lord Jesus will return and rule with a rod of Iron, there will be no grey areas, there will be no tolerance of other religions, there will be Gods law and total obedience, mankind will have the benefit of the Holy Spirit and the presence of our Lord and His kings and lords to help them live Godly lives for 1000 years.

    Democracy and religous freedom are two of the evils that mankind in his wisdom thinks are good, The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob gave His people a king, the northern tribes decided he wasn’t good enough and chose their own = democracy, when humanity chooses his own way, God lets him go there to experience what happens when he refuses to do things Gods way.

    All we like sheep have gone astray.

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