Islamic terror strikes in heart of Israeli diplomacy

Israeli missions in India, Georgia targeted.

The latest Islamic bomb attack against the Israeli embassy in New Delhi.

An explosion tore through an Israeli diplomat’s car in the vicinity of the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi, India, Monday. One woman was injured.

Explosives were also found near the Israeli Embassy building in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. The device was neutralized safely.

The blast came just one day after the fourth anniversary marking the assassination of Hezbollah arch-terrorist Imad Mugniyah.


My comment:

The World is faced with a war of civilization.  On one side stands Israel who is a fortress for Judeo-Christian values, freedom and democracy.

On the other side stands the global totalitarian ideology of Islam. Threre is no Islamic nation that has other than totalitarian rule. Radical Islam wants to take the Arab and Persian people back to the Middle Age.

The main target of Islam is the state of Israel. The Koran-obeying Muslims can not accept a Jewish homeland. The who Middle East area must by government by Muslims, and all minorities live like a minority in submission to Muhammad and His followers.

Since the Koran permits Muslims to cripple and kills for “allah”, to target Israeli diplomats is a must for all “holy warriors”.

The Bible says that many shall cripple and kill God’s chosen people, deiced by Satan do do his will.

 John 16:2
They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God.

Written by Ivar  

7 thoughts on “Islamic terror strikes in heart of Israeli diplomacy

  1. Amen!!!….Radical Islam wants to take the Arab and Persian people back to the Middle Age….but not the men…everyone else…girls, women and all who are not of the ‘elite’ decision makers…they have to have a large number of people they can abuse and use as an example to obey their archaic rules! ..

    1. James.


      I do not care much about that people call Christian values, Catholic values, not Jewish values. The Bible is my highest authority.

      When the students of Jesus replaced Steven, they cast lot. (votes). I guess that is a good example of democracy in the Bible.

      The first believers also had to chose some good men to distribute food. Like in democratic nations, merits counts. At last among men who fear God.

  2. about John 16:2
    means anyone who kills and think they offering a service to God.

    The root of the hebrew word curse is ‘alah’
    The root of the hebrew word violence is ‘hamas’

    In ‘Esther’ you have Hama(n) who will kill the jew.

    There are lots of references in the Bible wich point at islam.
    Therefore – sorry but- it very well can be ‘construed as a reference to muslims killing jews.

  3. They want to provoke Israel to fight.
    This is also a part of the NWO plan, wich lies behind the world events that take place.

    And the players in NWO is Satans servents. And he uses all that want to serve him, in this case muslims.

    They just don’t understand they are being used.
    To be used by Satan is the consequense of the absence of the Spirit of Truth.

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