New clashes in Saudi threatens US oil supply

A man has been shot dead by security forces at a demonstration in eastern Saudi Arabia, activists have said.

The Shia uprising in Eastern Saudi will be brougt to an end. Like in Syria, an evil regime is trying to survive.

Zuhair al-Said was killed on Friday when police opened fire to disperse protesters in the town of al-Awamiya, in the Qatif region, they added.
Police said they were monitoring an unauthorised gathering in al-Awamiya when they were fired at by masked men.

Activists earlier said another man had been shot dead by police at another protest in Qatif on Thursday night.

Protests erupted in Eastern Province in March when the popular uprising in neighbouring Bahrain, which has a Shia majority and a Sunni royal family, was crushed with the assistance of Saudi and other Gulf troops.

About 500 people have been arrested since March. Activists say 80 remain in custody, including author Nazir al-Majid and human rights activist Fadil al-Munasif.

Source: The BBC.

My comment:

The Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia are a minority comprising only about 10-15 per cent, about 3.5 million, of the some 25 million Saudi population.

They live in horrible suppression by the Sunni majority. Just like the Sunni’s are persecuted and mistreated in Iran. The cruelty and evil that exist among Muslim brethren is limitless.

For the US, the Shia uprising in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia is worrisome. The main Saudi oil fields are located in the center of this hostile province.

The largets oil fields in Saudi in located next to the US 5th Fleet.

Also the 5th US Fleet has its headquarter in Bahrain. The only way to maintain the US hegemony in the Persian Gulf, is to finance totalitarian dictators that keeps the Shia’s at bay.  The military regime will do what is takes to pay bay the US dollars it has received by Washington.

The days are evil. The whole World dwells in evil.  There only righteousness that is valid, is the righteousness of Jesus. Only people who obey Him will be washed by His blood. Only the believers will stand justified on the day on judgment.

Written by Ivar

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