US Marine’s hail Waffen SS

Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, do not buy the explanation given by the Pentagon.

A neo-Nazi cell witin the US Marine corps hail Waffen SS .

The US Marine Corps is once again in damage control after a photograph surfaced of a sniper team in Afghanistan posing in front of a flag with a logo resembling that of the notorious Nazi SS – a special unit that murdered millions of Jews, gypsies and others.

The Corps said in a statement that using the symbol was not acceptable, but the marines in the photograph taken in September 2010 would not be disciplined because investigators determined it was a naive mistake.

The marines believed the SS symbol was meant to represent sniper scouts and never intended to be associated with a racist organisation, said Major Gabrielle Chapin, a spokeswoman at Camp Pendleton, where the marines were based.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, said he did not buy the explanation that posing with the flag was an innocent mistake and insisted the US public had a right to know what happened.

  “If you look at any book on the Nazi period, this is the dreaded symbol of the SS, and to have a Marine Corps unit adopt it and put it beside the American flag when 200,000 Americans died to free the world of that dreaded symbol is just beyond the pale,” he said.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

My comment:

I have earlier warned that the Western Societies have rejected God of the Bible, and are embracing the values of the Nazis.

That is a repeat of what took place in Europe between the two World Wars.

It is not long ago, the pre-Utøya Norwegian army battalion named “Telemark” hailed the pagan god Odin in Afghanistan, and swore an oat to fight to “Walhall”, the pagan copy of the Kingdom of Heaven

In Germany, a neo-Nazi cell within the Police was discovered some months ago. They helped neo-Nazis in a systematic assignation campaign, where Turkish immigrants were the targets.

In Norway, few have enough “fantasy” to believe that Utøya-terrorists Anders Behring Breivik had supporters within the Police force. This week on of his lawyers were caught in leaking sensitive police information to the daily Tabloid media. More than hundred Norwegian lawyers are freemasons. Many of them member of the same Freemason lodge as Behring Breivik belongs to. “Saint Olai of the three pillars”.

Her is the video of the Norwegian pagan vikings at war:

People all over the World enjoy mass murders every day. Either watching TV or Video, or simply by playing video games.  Comfortably numb by their activities, they do hardly react to the rise of Fascism.

That the US Marine’s hail Waffen SS is not surprising. The Nazi assassins were probably only marginally more effective than the present Americans.

Jesus warns us about the massive apostasy and violence that will take place on Earth, just before is return. 

 Matthew 24:21-22
For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again. “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.

 You have to surrender to Him. You have to beg Jesus for mercy. If you do not, the Prince of peace will no stop at your house when He returns.

You will be left behind.  That is a faith that I wish all human beings would escape.

Only Jesus can save you. Amen.

Written by Ivar

12 thoughts on “US Marine’s hail Waffen SS

  1. Hi Ivar,
    Most believers are not surprised that jew hatred is on the rise; world wide. Hatred and intollerance of christians, is also becoming a global phenomenom. These aberrations are satanic. Seeing these awful things come to pass,are welcomed by those who are perrishing. They love violence and wickedness, and they persue it with an unquenchable lust. Groups such as these, fuel the arrogance of the proud. However, they will soon be dashed to pieces, and their excitement will be turned to terror, when the sky opens to reveal Yeshua, in all of His glory, decending from heaven, to destroy them. They will want to hide their faces from Him, but they will find no shelter. They will each bow before Him and declare that He is G’d! They will also know that they had wilfully,spurned His offer of salvation. They had delighted in evil, instead of in Him, and that their choice had eternal consequences. We cannot even imagine the degree of shame, and of fear, that they will expeirence on that day. Perhaps, there will be a few who will read blogs such as these, and will be moved to open their bibles, and to ask for salvation from the only source that there is; Yeshua.

      1. Hi Todd,
        Thanks, but it’s not that I’m such a good writer; and many would argue with you on that point. However, I seldom write without praying first. So I just thank G’d that I have the privilege of witnessing. To Him, I give all the glory.
        I fear that soon we will be unable to freely share the everlasting gospel. I worry that we will be forced underground. Those who are now in power hate G’d, and they hate all of those who belong to Him.
        The homosexuals will be able to openly flaunt their perversions, while we will be silenced. G’d says that the day is coming when there will be a famine in the land. Not of bread, but of the Word of God. It simply will not be tolerated. I believe that those days are upon us.
        So my dear brother, let us wait patiently for the bridegroom to be called out of his chamber, and the bride from her dressing room. Joel 2:16

    1. Dear Denise


      You wrote:

      Most believers are not surprised that Jew hatred is on the rise; world wide.

      My reply:

      The replacement theology “Jesus” is a hoax. Millions of people have been deceived by false theology. This copy of “Jesus” hate the Jews because they did not believe in Him as the Messiah. So to kick and mistreat a Jew makes no difference, since he is a cursed being.

      The truth is that the eternal promises given by Yeshua stands. Let all men by liars, but God of Israel the truth.

      1. Hi Ivar,
        My point was that most believers are aware,that in the last days, Satan will not only continue his assalt on the jews, but, that he will ramp up his efforts and will try to completely destroy them. When Satan sees that there is a remnant of mostly jews that are protected by G’d, he will then focus his murderous attacks on G’d’s other children; the christians. Rev: 12:17.

  2. “That the US Marine’s hail Waffen SS is not surprising. The Nazi assassins were probably only marginally more effective than the present Americans.”

    This statement lumping all Marines and American forces ( because of the foolishness of the small group above ) to Nazi assassins is just a bigoted statement as anyone you condemn of the same.
    My son is an armed forces member and would go if called tomorrow to help defend Israel and her rights.
    I find your statement an insult and a slap in the face to our armed forces. Not in your judging of the minority as those above, but your justification of using it to hang the moral majority of American forces along with them.
    But, sounds familiar doesn’t it?

  3. Your problem is that were all finding out that you Jews have lied to us for centuries. You TRY to control all the media, and thus, the World. There was NO Holocaust. You Jews can’t come up with ONE shred of evidence for it. Not ONE! There were work camps, sure. We did the same to the Japanese in America. History shows a little over 200,000 Jews / gypsy’s / criminals / crazies, etc. died in the work camps. But that’s it. Stalin was the MONSTER. And he was supported BY YOU JEWS! Yes, these Marines are Nazis. Many Americans are Nazis. To say that black flag means Scout Sniper is BEYOND laughable. America is no longer a pawn to the Juden. We know what’s in your Talmud. And when Trump becomes President, it will be the END of you Jews.

  4. They did not “heil” the Waffen-SS. Nor were they neo-Nazis. It was a misunderstanding from the modern acronym for “SS” that the Marines use (Scout Sniper). Plus, although there were some atrocities committed by the Waffen-SS, they were the ground forces of the SS, not to be confused with the SS-Totenkopfverbande, which was the SS division responsible for overseeing the massive death camp operations. Before you try and act like a professional journalist and post your article, try doing what actual journalists do, and take the effort to at least research half of the things you want to add in it before you post them. Additionally, you put emphasis on “People all over the World enjoy mass murders every day,” which I thought was wrong. I don’t no a single person who’d want to sit down and watch some people being mass-murdered. Lastly, when you stated “The Nazi assassins were probably only marginally more effective than the present Americans,” I was quite offended by it, due to the fact that the Marines and armed services is the only reason you aren’t either dead, or speaking German and heiling pictures of Hitler himself.

  5. You religious crazies are truly lost. I’m fascinated that you actually believe the Messiah will come and save you . Let’s say that your end of days comes , I doubt there will be this saviour of you and your foolish followers will burn like the rest of the world . Life is life and that’s just a fact. Praying does not put food on the table and praying does not win wars.

    Who are you to say that Islam , buddism, pagan religions or the Jewish faith are not real ???

    Simple fact : We are born and we die. That’s just our place in this massive universe . Dinosaurs are real by the way just as real as our son, the milky way galaxy or the billions of other galaxies out there.

  6. That’s a Scout Sniper platoon SS – Scout Sniper. The Marines swear an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States.

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