The police “helped” Norwegian terrorists by double default

The police “decided” not to use two available helicopters. The Delta force could have reached Utøya in 10 minutes.

The Templar Knight terrorists might have had help from Templar Knights within the police force.

The Norwegian police “helped” the right wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik by their incompetence, and strange refusal to acquire a National Rescue helicopter in Oslo. Even the very police helicopter in the capital was told to be kept immobilized, 15 minutes after the massive bomb blasted the Prime Ministers office.

There was a Sea King Helicopter ready to take of in Oslo at the time of terror attack. This helicopter could have taken eight to ten men from the Delta force, and all their arms and equipment.

The police claims they were not sure if they could reach Utøya quicker by using the helicopter, and opted for using car and a boat. Not only did they miss the road, and drove a three kilometer longer rout: The police boat was located 3,5 Km from Utøya, while other boats were available on a harbor 700 meters from the island. The Delta force was informed about these boats.

On top of this, the engine of the police boat stopped in the middle of the inland sea. Civilian’s had to come and rescue the police, and bring the Delta force to the terror site.

Critical voices claims the police could have reached Utøya in 10 minutes using the helicopter. Anders Behring Breivik could also have been shoot from the helicopter. By using car and boat, the Police used 50 minutes to reach the crime site.

The police own helicopter was on the ground, reports the Norwegian private TV Channel, TV2. 15 minutes after the bomb at the PMO’s office was triggered, the police operators reported ready for action. That was 3.40 PM. That was more than an hour before Anders Behring Breivik reached Utøya.

 It that helicopter had been in the air with a police sniper, the Utøya massacre would have been over just minutes after it started.

One of the leaders of the police force in Oslo, reported to the Helicopter squad that their service was not needed. Only at 7.33 PM, the counter message was given. Their service was reported to be needed. But the counter order was given after Anders Behring Breivik had called the police, and said: “Mission completed”.

Source: Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

My comment:

People who claim that Anders Behring Breivik had silent or active support from within the Government of Norway, will obviously be ridiculed.
Our motives will be questioned, and we will be branded as loons, who promotes silly conspiracy theories.

The “incompetence” displayed by the Police, is a crime it self. I hope that this crime of incompetence is the answer. But there are to much incompetence linked to this event, to accept that professions could have done so without a proper motive.

The most difficult fraud to detect and punish, is planned miss management. It normally triggers a golden parachute. A smart business man always plans the bankruptcy very well. Secret Swiss bank accounts are normally a fruit of a well planned crime by the cream of society.

Forget about the Police not wanting to fly to Utøya in a Sea King Rescue Helicopter. Some of the police officers are surely racers in their police cars, and probably believed that their speedy vehicles were fast enough.

But who told that also the police helicopter should remain grounded?

We need to know who are these officers within the Oslo Police force. Are they, or he, also a secret Templar Knight?

If so:

From who, do these police officer’s receive secret tasks and orders?

If not:

Did this Police officer have any knowledge of Breivik?

Was there any hidden motives for delaying the arrival of the Delta force, till after the “mission completed” was given by Breivik?

Many Norwegians believe that their country is ruled by the law of “Kardemomme by”. In that fairytale town, there are no bad police officers. The police force in Norway have hardly been able to discover corrupt and criminal elements within its own ranks. There are some high officials who give each other perfect cover.

That there might be Fascists within the Norwegian police force, seems to to be unthinkable for most Norwegians. It does not fit into their rosy picture of the land of the Midnight sun.

This is the time to clean up the mess. The leadership in the Police Department and the Police force in Oslo must be suspended, and put under investigation. If Norway can not provide resources for such investigation, the Prime Minister must request Sweden for help. Israel will also be able to help with counter terrorism experts.

The days are evil. Its there, inside the police force also.

First published 8th of August 2011.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “The police “helped” Norwegian terrorists by double default

  1. Shalom Ivar,

    With all that is going on in Norway and around the world that is all Biblically related…. here is something I found in a news-web while checking on the Comet Elenin/Nibiru/ etc.. and even though I have been a skeptic about people’s predictions/dream/visions of the future, yet now I am beginning to think that maybe G-D did give visions and dreams to the faithful as well as to the pagans in order for mankind to be prepared for the worst coming upon the earth … I’m not 100% sure as I am more into the Bible but I’m just thinking. So perhaps you would find this interesting about what a 90 year old Norwegian woman predicted in 1937. /1968_Prophecy_by_a_90_Year_Old_Norwegian_Woman.html

    Do let me know what you think.

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    I know this is totally off topic but I had to share it with someone!

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