Germany: We will contribute to the defense of Israel

German defense official dismisses reports that Merkel considered canceling Submarine deal in response to Gilo construction.

German Secretary of defence, Christian Schmidt.

Christian Schmidt, secretary of state for defense, told the Post that the contract was signed a few weeks ago and that Germany had agreed to subsidize its cost. Calling Israel a “preferred customer,” Schmidt said the sale of the submarine was a demonstration of his country’s commitment to Israel’s security.

The security of the State of Israel is a German concern and this will not change,” he said during a visit to Israel during which he met with Israeli diplomatic and defense officials and attended the Herzliya Conference.
Schmidt dismissed media reports that claimed Merkel had considered canceling the deal in response to Israeli construction in Jerusalem’s Gilo neighborhood, over the Green Line.

Kilde: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The Government in Jerusalem is insecure, if Germany will link the submarine contract to an Israeli surrender to the state of “Palestine”.

Even when secretary of state for defense, Christian Schmidt, say Germany do not link these two issues, Wikileaks have exposed the Global leadership of being hypocrites in regards to Israel.

I will not be surprised if Germany in secret cables have told Prime Minister Netanyahu, that Israel must accept a “Palestinian state”.  The PM have in fact accepted this kind of a statehood in principle, and that seems to be a not revokable decision.

When Netanyahu have accepted a “Palestinian state”, he will be forced to accept a compromise in regards to its borders. A state can not exist without borders.

The grand compromise will one day be presented to the Jewish people, and the nation will be divided in two camps. A majority who will accept this kind of statehood as a way to a lasting peace, and a minority who say this kind of statehood is an important step on the process of bringing total destruction to the Jewish homeland.

Both of them can not be correct.

Evangelical Christians and Messianic Jews must mot accept a ‘Palestinian state” as a principle stand. A Biblical stand, for Biblical Zionism.  Arabs who want to live in Zion, must accept the Government in Jerusalem as the only government.

Written by Ivar

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