False police alarms gave Utøya-terrorist time to escape

10 false bomb alarms in Oslo 22nd of July gave the Utøya terrorist time to escape.

Did Anders Behring Breivik have active and passive supporters within the police force in Norway?

Four of the false bomb alarms at 3.25 PM 22nd of July 2011, came from Police units in Oslo. This is exposed by the internal log of the Police force.

The 10 false bomb alarms created confusion in the Oslo Police force. One witness saw Utøya-terrorist Anders Behring Breivik running away from the bomb scene. This lead was ignored, and not followed up before 30 minutes after the bomb explosion.

30 minutes was all Behring Breivik needed to escape from the center of Oslo. Now He was half his way to the island of Utøya.

The police in Norway has concluded that Behring Breivik acted alone. The very issue of 10 false bomb alarms, must be fruit of confusion and chaos.

But in particular, the 4 false police alarms, must be investigated.

Because such false alarms gives strength to the claim that  Behring Breivik did not act alone.

There were so many mistakes done inside the Police force, that valid questions have been raise: Did Breivik have active and passive supporters within the police force?

Behring Breivik called up the police, and offered his surrender.  He addressed the police:

 “This is Commander Breivik. Mission completed. Send Delta. (the anti-terror police).

Source: NTB

Written by Ivar

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