PLO: Blood of our children will saturate “Palestine”

PA children sing: “My pure land, I shall saturate you with my blood… redeem you with my life”

Dying for the sake of “Palestine” as an ideal, even for Palestinian children and youth, remains part of Palestinian discourse.

This week, official Palestinian Authority TV reported from a Fatah celebration in a refugee camp in Lebanon and chose to focus on the following slide shown at the celebration. Fatah’s message was that children are created so that their blood will be “fertilizer” to saturate the land:

“Our children are our glory and honor,
they were created to be fertilizer for the land of Palestine,
and for our pure land to be saturated with their blood.”

Earlier this month, a PA-Fatah celebration in Ramallah featured a performance with the same message. In front of senior PA leaders, including Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, young children and youth performed a song that included the following words:

“My pure land, I shall saturate you with my blood…redeem you with my life.”

Source: PA TV

My comment:

The PLO is sometimes called secular Muslims, compare the the Koran obeying Hamas.

This wide expose that the PLO is an equal wicked flock of Koran-obeying Arab terrorists as the Hamas.

Whet these two organizations disagree on, is the speed needed to destroy Israel.  While the Hamas wants to kill the Jews in a big bang today, the PLO believe its more easy to to delete Israel piece by piece.

But the main goal is the same: Jihad.

Jihad and Nazism has the same source. Satan.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “PLO: Blood of our children will saturate “Palestine”

  1. Hi Ivar,
    Well, they are right about one thing; their blood will saturate the ground in Israel. Although, it is still sad to see these beautiful children sacrificed to that pig, Allah, aka. Satan, May he rot in hell, sooner than later.

  2. The Democratic Party and their Liberal college kid offspring are saying similar things about Christians in America.This is the spawn of the gimme gimme gimme health wealth and prosperity christians.Disrespectful children of disobedience.These leftwings will commit acts of terror,murder,and various violence upon American Christians.No one will come to save them(me included as a Christian),and Israel will then stand alone in this world.But,the Holy One of Israel,Jesus,will be awaiting their call.May God have mercy on us all.

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