Islamic protest against UN Chief in Gaza

Forty or 50 protesters gathered on the Gaza side of the Erez crossing as Mr Ban’s armoured vehicle passed into Gaza, reports said.

The head of the UN face protetsts in Gaza.

Many were relatives of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, who are currently said to number about 4,000.

The protesters formed a human chain in an attempt to hold up his convoy, reported AP news agency, but Hamas security forces moved them away.
His convoy continued on to Khan Younis, where he is reportedly scheduled to visit a school and a Japanese-funded housing project.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

The Hamas supporters were not complaining about food shortages in Gaza. Not so strange, because there is none.

A staged protest. Good they did not forget to call the BBC.

Since the Hamas have not been able to kidnap more Israeli soldiers, the Islamic terrorist organization is not able to blackmail Israel.
They demand that the UN do the blackmail in stead.

The UN will surely find new ways to put external pressure on Israel, to please the Islamist movement.

Written by Ivar

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