Arab Palestinians support slaughter of Jewish family

On third of the Arab Palestinians support the March 11 terrorist infiltration of the Samarian Jewish community of Itamar.

The Vogel family was slaughtered in Samaria on the 11th of March 2011.

It has already been noted that the Palestinian leadership’s denunciation of last month’s massacre of the Fogel family in northern Samaria rang insincere, considering the Palestinian Authority’s ongoing demonization of Jews and glorification of anti-Israel terrorists.

A poll published on Wednesday showed that the Palestinian Authority is succeeding in keeping a sizable portion of the Palestinian population on track with its violent anti-Israel agenda, despite two-faced conciliatory remarks in English.

One-third (32 per cent) of the 1270 Palestinian adults polled by Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research said they support the March 11 terrorist infiltration of the Samaritan Jewish community of Itamar, during which Uri and Rachel Fogel and three of their young children were butchered with knives.

Source: Israel Today

My comment:

36 per cent of the Germans voted for the Nazi-party during the election in 1932. Hitler lead the largest party, and had a moral right for form the next government.

But was Hitler right?

Based on an ideology of Jew-hate, Hitler was lifted to power by wicked people who wanted the devil to rule Germany.

Hitlers book “Main kampf” was known, and He had plainly expressed in public meetings his intention to rid Europe of the “Jewish problem”.  Every German who voted for Hitler, had no excuse for their deceitful act.

Based on the same agenda, the PLO was formed in 1964. Still the World refuse to listen, and lift the al-Fatah leadership up as great and noble men of “peace”. A partner Israel must accept.

The Hamas charter bluntly express a Neo-Nazi policy, of making Israel a “Jew-free zone”. If Hamas was able to put all Jews into gass chambers today, they would have tried to terminate all Jews without regrets, in the name of “allah”.

What absolute stupidity it is, that the free and democratic World joins this Jihad, and fulfills the devils plans. Rebuke such people. Tell them that the fire of Hell will be their eternal abode, with no possibility to escape pain and agony without end.

First published: August 8th, 2011.

Written by Ivar

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