Local police did nothing to prevent the Nazi flag being raised, nor to prevent chants of “Sieg Heil!”

Croatia seeks EU-membership. The Croatian fotball fans expose where their loyality are.

The flag was held up by NK Siroki Brijeg fans during their recent home football match against bitter rivals Sarajevo FC at Stadion Pecara.

Sarajevo fans weren’t granted quite the same leniency, as they had brought with them banners in tribute to Vedran Puljic.

He is a young Sarajevo fan who was shot dead, allegedly by a Siroki supporters.

This happened during rioting between the two sets of fans last season. Although some fans claim Puljic was killed by a stray police bullet.

These banners were reportedly confiscated by the police, leaving the swastika to fly in the home end.

Source: Blogger

My comment:

Siroki Brijeg is a Croatian city inside Bosnia Herzegovina. The population is Roman Catholics, and strong supporter of the The Independent State of Croatia, that was a World War II puppet state of Nazi Germany

For Catholics in Croatia it is nothing but natural to waive the Vatican flag.

In the above story, the German Bundestag acknowledge that Jew-hate and neo-Nazism is rising among football supporters.

This picture is just another example that the Bundestag si right.

Written by Ivar