German anti-Semitism ‘deep-rooted’ in society

Anti-Jewish feeling is “significantly”entrenched in German society, according to a report by experts appointed by the Bundestag. They say the internet has played a key role in spreading Holocaust denial, far-right and extreme Islamist views, according to the DPA news agency. They also speak of “a wider acceptance in mainstream society of day-to-day anti-Jewish tirades… Read More German anti-Semitism ‘deep-rooted’ in society

Egypt assembly picks Fascist as new speaker

Mohamed Saad el-Katani, secretary-general of Freedom and Justice Party, appointed speaker during parliament’s 1st session. Egypt’s Islamist-led parliament voted to appoint a top politician in the Muslim Brotherhood as the new assembly’s speaker, the Brotherhood said on its website, a choice that would have been unthinkable when Hosni Mubarak was in power. Mohamed Saad el-Katatni,… Read More Egypt assembly picks Fascist as new speaker