Commander Krupp pave the way for the antichrist

Gary Krupp wants to remove obstacles between the world’s religions, and make the Jews see that Pope Pius XII were their best friend.

Knighted Commander Krupp works for the return of the Papal Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Founder Gary Krupp of ” Pave the Way Foundation” is the primus motor for the Jewish-Catholic Dialogue in 2012

In an interview with the Catholic News Agency Zentit on 17th of January 2011, Krupp explains the vision of his foundation:

The Pope has the very best relations with his commander.

The Pave the Way Foundation (PTWF) is a non-sectarian organization that seeks to remove obstacles between the world’s religions.

Jewish-Catholic dialogue has been an important part of understanding one another’s faith traditions and that clears away prejudices and hatred.

PTWF, however, concentrates our efforts on identifying concrete obstacles and seeks to remove them.

First, through our historic gestures we establish a level of trust and then we can move to accomplish our core mission. Religion must be removed as a tool to justify private agendas. Removal of this abuse makes dialogue easier.

  ZENIT: The message of Pope Benedict for the World Day of Peace 2012 is focussed on educating the youth in justice and peace: How can we put into practice this invitation for peace between religions?

  Krupp: The message of Pope Benedict XVI is exactly right on.

Gary Krupp is a Papal Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory the Great. This is an honor bestowed on him by Pope John Paul II in 2000.

Gary Krupp was knighted by Pope John Paul II in 2000.
Commander Krupp address the Papacy inside the Vatican.

This knighthood is the very source behind the formation of ” Pave the way foundation”, a fact confirmed by Krupp him self.

  One was July 29, 2000, I received a telephone call from then Archbishop Renato Martino, that the Pope invested me as a Papal Knight of St. Gregory the Great. It was this action that changed the course of my life’s work, prompting my wife Meredith and I to form Pave the Way Foundation

Krupp’s views of the Nazi-Roman Catholic nexus is radical, and includes the whitewashing of a Pope who signed a deal with the author of the Holocaust. Krupp blames the KGB for fooling the Jews. Krupp believe the KGB staged “a character assassination” of Pope Pius XII.

  Ingratitude is one of the worst character flaws in Judaism; the acceptance of the truth of Pacelli’s personal heroism, I believe, is essential to bring my Jewish brothers and sisters to redemption. Eugenio Pacelli’s reputation must be restored to where it was before the KGB intentionally began the greatest character assassination of the 20th century. This KGB Operation called “Seat Twelve” successfully accomplished its mission to isolate the Jews from the Catholics at the very moment of religious reconciliation with “Nostra Aetate.”


What kind of knighthood has Krupp accepted?

When you have been knighted, you will carry an image of Pope Gregory on your chest, or around your neck.

  The Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great (Latin: Ordo Sancti Gregorii Magni, Italian: Ordine di San Gregorio Magno), was established on September 1, 1831, by Pope Gregory XVI, seven months after his election.

It is one of the five orders of knighthood of the Holy See. The order is bestowed on Catholic men and women (and in rare cases, non-Catholic men in recognition of their personal service to the Holy See and the Church, unusual labours, support of the Holy See, and the good example set in their communities and country.

  The Order has four classes in civil and military divisions:
•    Knight / Dame Grand Cross of the First Class (GCSG / DCSG)
•    Knight / Dame Commander with Star (KC*SG / DC*SG)
•    Knight / Dame Commander (KCSG / DCSG)
•    Knight / Dame (KSG / DSG)

  Its motto is Pro Deo et Principe (For God and Prince).

One of the Papal Knighst of the Grand Cross is Otto von Habsburg.


Source: Wikipedia.

Otto Von Habsburg is the Crown prince who lost the Roman Catholic Kingdom of Austria-Hungary, defeated in World War I.

My comment:

Gary Krupp with the Pope who made him knight and commander.

The very Military Order of Pope Gregory, is an excellent example that the Pope is “the King of Kings” for the Roman Catholics. Before World War I, the Pope controlled the King of Austria-Hungary. The Holy Roman Empire of Germany was the very continuation of the Roman Empire, ruled by the Emperor of Rome. Both of them spiritually controlled by the Papacy.

To bow before the Holy See, is a duty for all who have been knighted.

Adolf Hitler wanted to be the successor of the Holy Roman Empire of Germany, the second Roman Empire.

Hitler wanted to form the Third Reich, the very millennium kingdom on Earth.

The Vatican liked the idea, and supported both Fascist dictator Mussolini and Nazi-leader Hitler.

The Vatican saw the Possibility of the Pope becoming the Global leader. That would be the logical religious consequence if the Fascists won World War II.

The Pope is still hunting for a Kingdom he lost in 1291 A.D. The Kingdom of Jerusalem. From 1099 A.D this city was under control of the Holy See.

To evict Zionism from Jerusalem, the Pope needs a foundation who “pave the way” for the return of the Holy See.

It is not possible to create a Global kingdom, if you do not rule in Jerusalem. The Pope’s military knights has been given orders to retake Jerusalem. All tools must be used. Both flattery, and public announcement of “peace negotiations”. But also hidden support for those who create violence. When people panic, they will force their leaders back  to the table.

On of these pawns is Gary Krupp. Unfortunately for the Jewish people, men like Krupp has got a lot of support from Rabbi’s who claim they know “god”. They are ready to betray the state of Israel, and bring the Pope back to Jerusalem as the “prince of peace”.  

We who now our Bibles, knows the warning from Paul the Apostle: When Jesus comes back He will kill the man of lawlessness with the very splendor of His Return.

The man of Lawlessness will sit on a throne in “God’s temple”, and utter blasphemies. The Dome of the Rock is just below the Mount of Olives, where Jesus the Messiah will land, when He returns in the clods of Heaven.  The Dome of the Rock is located on the site where the First and second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem stood.  This is most likely the very location where a Global spiritual “Holy Father” will face His sudden death.


Are you with this copy cat “Holy Father”, or do you obey Jesus of the Bible?

This is a matter of life and death. About an eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven, or eternal pain and suffering in Hell.

Your choice. Please be wise.

Written by Ivar


One thought on “Commander Krupp pave the way for the antichrist

  1. I see lawlessness in the spreading of church burnings to all of Europe from Norway. It is Norway, which burns its own churches, not Poland nor Italy. If the borders of Norway, were closed, this would not spread to Catholic countries. I have enough of your Norwegian satanism. Is that all Norway can export alongside oil?
    Should I tell you the sins of Norway, or do you not know them?

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