Jews: No longer “Christ-killers” but abusive and lawless

Satan is a cunning fellow. To push the Jews into the false “Peace plan”, he use his children to accuse Israelis of of being “killers of Palestinians”.

PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas applaud the Popes support for the movement who wants to "liberate Palestine".

When the Jews were a minority in all the nations, they were persecuted and killed accused of being “Christ-killers”.

That was Satan’s demonic revelations to all who were willing to listen. The Pope in Rome became Lucifer’s best tool. Through the middle ages Jews were either forced to convert to Catholicism, or simply executed for refusing to bow down to the “Queen of Heaven”. 

The kiss of death. Yasser Arafat hails the man of lawlessness.

The Church taught that the Jews were “Christ-killers” and cursed by God. And since God has cursed them, it was permitted to persecute them, and even kill them.

Both Hitler and Mussolini were Roman Catholics who took the teachings to its logical conclusion.

For Islam, Jews in the diaspora were no threat to the domain and control of “allah”. When the Roman Catholic bigots chased Jews, the found shelter where the Pope had no power. The safest place was in places like the Ottoman Empire, todays Turkey.

But after the Jews became a majority in their own country in 1948, the picture changed.

After 1948,  a large Muslims community lived inside a nation built on a Zionist convictions. The Koran teach that Muslims are not permitted to live in submission to Jews.  Those who do not submit to the teachings of Muhammad must be told to repent, or face the sword.

Satan knows that His time is up, and that Jesus the Messiah will eventually come back to face His Chosen people who have returned to Jerusalem.

To stop more Jews to return to Jerusalem, Satan had to wake up Islamic hate towards the Jewish people. The day the Jews are driven out of Jerusalem, the Messiah can not return to His own people in this city. That is obvious.

Even Konstantine the great banned Jews from entering the city of Jerusalem, even after he claimed to have concerted to “Christendom”.

Jointly they fight for the liberation of the "Holy land". The military order of Malta can not find better PLO-soldiers that these in Bethlehem.

Islam could never use the slogan “Christ-killers” about the Jews. They rather replaced the slogan with “killers of Palestinians”.

It is not a coincidence that the Second Vatican Council and the formation of the PLO took place at the same junction of time.

The Second Vatican council opened under Pope John XXIII on 11 October 1962 and closed under Pope Paul VI on 8 December 1965.  The Catholic theology that claim the Jews are “Christ killer” was removed, and replaced with a policy of support for the “liberation of Palestine”. 

When the PLO was formed in 1964, the Arab terrorists made a slogan who fitted the Vatican perfectly: The Jews are killers of the “Palestinians”.

Today, most of the World chant this slogan. In every Media there are stories about the “lawless Jew”.  One form for Jew-hate was replaced by another.

The antisemitic Church is equally disconnected from God of the Bible, as they were in the Middle Ages. Most of the Churches on Earth accept both the Pope as a Christian leader, and the PLO as a legitimate political force. One of the main culprit is Norway, who deceived Israel to sign the anti-Zionist Oslo-accord.

People of the World. Be ashamed for your lukewarm approach to the Jewish people in deep need for safety, support and security.

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “Jews: No longer “Christ-killers” but abusive and lawless

  1. RCC created Islam. Bible says ISRAEL will not see peace until ALL OF THE SEED OF ISRAEL RETURNS. This false timeline of Israel’s return I 1948 is not fulfillment of Yah’s word. This is why the fighting, lies, deception continues. Too many snakes in the garden of eden. as far as palestine is concerned, the book of Zechariah & Zephaniah about the current war.

  2. We must always be prepared to accept God’s Word on this matter.

    He calls Jerusalem ‘ the great city that symbolically is called Sodom and Egypt, where their Lord was crucified’.

    All the so-called Abrahamic religions of the world claim it to be their spiritual home they are all there with the ‘woman’ the mother of harlots fornicating with all and sundry in order to establish it as her home.

    The state of Israel came into being for a simple reason, because God inspired the prophets to record that it would happen.

    After Our Lord was born, Herod ordered the death of all infant males so Mary and Joseph went to Egypt. The Bible records it ‘so that the words of the prophet might be fulfilled ‘out of Egypt I called my son’.

    Almighty God, wrote history and has been in charge from day one, the liar and thief has led many to believe otherwise, but all things happen in order that the words of the prophets might be fulfilled.

    Our Lord Jesus said ‘I come not to do away with the Law, but to fulfill it’ Every jot and tittle must be fulfilled before He comes back to establish a lasting peace.

    What we are seeing is the culmination of the attempts by world governments to establish peace themselves, they will, but it won’t last.

    Pray for those who God is watching over in the land, that they respond to His Word, see the fulfillment of the prophetic word and at the right time, ‘those that are in Judea, flee’ to a place of safety.

    28 “From the fig tree learn its lesson: as soon as its branch becomes tender and puts out its leaves, you know that summer is near.
    29 So also, when you see these things taking place, you know that he is near, at the very gates.
    30 Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.
    31 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

    1. Dear Sandra Lie.


      You wrote:

      Sin was the Christ killer which we are all a part of…..Thank you Jesus for your death on the cross to save all people…

      My reply:

      You are right: I am that “Christ killer”. He died when I was still a sinner. He took my place at the cross on Calvary Hill.

      1. Jesus said it would be like this at the end……Much Love to you
        Ivarfjeld in Jesus It’s gonna get hard but I think He’s close…..

    2. Hi Sandra,
      No one killed Yeshua, He laid His life down of His own free will. He laid it down and He has the power to raise it up. John 10:14-18. This is temple language; what Yeshua is saying is that He is a free will offering.

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