Mahmoud Abbas observant Roman Catholic

“To be pro-Israeli has to mean being pro-Palestinian.”

PLO President Mahmoud Abbas reading the liturgy at midnight mas in Bethlehem.

This is the slogan of the international group of bishops that makes an annual visit to the Holy Land.

They have just returned home saying there are signs of hope, but emphasizing that “to be pro-Israeli has to mean being pro-Palestinian.”
The bishops of the Holy Land Coordination have met in the Holy Land since 1998.

First lets take a look at the PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. He is pro Palestinian, and by the new Roman Catholic definition: Pro-Israel.  And not so surprisingly, the “Palestinian chairman” is also pro-Catholic.

Here are some picture of the PLO-Roman Catholic Nexus:

Mahmoud Abbas has his team with him. Also Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.
Team Abbas sits on the first bench. This photo is the official photo distributed by the PA-authority in Ramallah.
Some priests bow to the doll of "baby Jesus" under the altar as the mass is conducted.

The bishops of the Holy Land Coordination, in their final statement noted the faith of the Christians of the region, but also their “insecurity, fear and frustration,” which “dominate the life of people across this land.”

The munks are there to guard the men at the first row, and to do other duties.
Incense is offered to the baby doll.
Next: Incense is offered to the prominent guests.
One of the monks take the doll of "baby Jesus" out from the altar.

Blaming the other is an abdication of responsibility and a failure of leadership, a leadership that the people so desperately need,”the bishops declared.

The baby doll is carried through the Church, for the faithful to get a touch.
After the mass, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem bless the PLO leadership.
In May 2009, the PLO leader returned the blessings. He gave the Pope a military guard of honor during his visit in Bethlehem.

“We have heard and we make this conviction our own: to be pro-Israeli has to mean being pro-Palestinian. This means being pro-justice for all, whose certain fruit is lasting peace.”


My comment:

If you turn this Catholic slogan around, you will get a funny sentence. It fits to the PLO-leader Abu Mazen, alias Mahmoud Abbas.

“If you are not pro-Palestinian, you are not pro-Israeli”

Let us leave the question of the Roman origin of the Word “Palestine” aside, and focus of the logical implication of such a statement from “holy bishops” of the Roman Catholic faith,

Is it possible to be pro a Jewish state, and not at all accept a Palestinian statehood?

Obviously. Tens of millions of Jews and Christians have this view.

Will such people than be anti-Israeli?

The Catholic bishops leads us into a logical short circuit.

Because being pro-Israeli is to defend the Jewish state. If you are pro-Israeli you will reject forces that wants to destroy this state, and brand them as evil.

To say pro-Palestinian is pro-justice, is also to say the state of Israel is not just.

The opposite is again the truth.

The “Palestinians” are not just, because they want to destroy the state of Israel. With the blessings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Mahmoud Abbas observant Roman Catholic

  1. Look at them reaching out to touch the doll. This is sad. If you don’t know Him you will reach out for statues thinking they are holy.

  2. The Vatican has shamefully showed the world her allegiance is for Palestine and wants Israel done for. I hope Bibi can see this with his eyes wide open.

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