On 16th of October 2011, a statue of the “Virgin” was destroyed by Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Criminals have vandaized a Catholic statue, after robbing it from a Church.

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said the attack was ‘horrible’ and condemned the violence and the fact that some protesters desecrated the church.

It is the church of Saints Marcellinus and Peter, near the square in front of the Basilica of St. John Lateran, where the most violent incidents took place.

The pastor of that church said that the statue of the Virgin Mary who stood at the entrance to the church was thrown into the street and crushed.

He added that the cross on the door of the sacristy is also destroyed.

Source: Europe Security News.

My comment:

I strongly condemn violence. I strongly condemn attacks on Churches, even those who I feel defame Jesus my Lord.

There can be no justification for such vandalism, as seen in these pictures and in the video below.

This is not the way to treat others religious items.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters were supported by the Vatican.

This is a huge paradox, when you see these pictures.

The Roman Catholics should also reflect, if God can be found by those who worship a statue made of stone.

A statue can not listen to your prayer, nor defend its self.  When it falls down, it is crushed into pieces.

Let us see what the Bible says:

Exodus 34:17
“Do not make any idols.

Isaiah 40:18-22

With whom, then, will you compare God?

To what image will you liken him?

As for an idol, a metalworker casts it, and a goldsmith overlays it with gold 
and fashions silver chains for it. 

A person too poor to present such an offering selects wood that will not rot; 
they look for a skilled worker to set up an idol that will not topple.

Do you not know?

Have you not heard? 

Has it not been told you from the beginning?

Have you not understood since the earth was founded? 

He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. 
He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live.

(end of scriptures).

Please do not listen to the faulty advice of your priests. Listen to the Word of God.

Jesus the Messiah did not come to change a single letter of the Law, nor the prophets.

Do you Roger that! Do you copy?

Written by Ivar