“It is essential that “the Arabs” (by which he meant Iraq ) have nuclear weapons soon”.

Saddam Hussein wanted to get rid of Israel. For this purpose he started to deveop a nuclear bomb.

This was the strategic viewpoint of Saddam Hussein January 3rd in 1978. The Iraqi dictator asserted that Israel would use their nuclear weapons to stop an Pan-Arabian attack.

This is what have been recored, in documents found by US officials after the 2003 invasion of Iraq:
” As long as they did not, they would not be able to attack Israel, because when the Arab armies moved toward Israel’s borders and prepared for a crucial blow – Israel would threaten a nuclear attack” .

During the occupation of Baghdad in April 2003, U.S. forces confiscated a large number of secret Iraqi documents. Among them were audio tapes of hundreds of hours of discussions during the 1978 to 2003 period between the ruler of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, and his top advisers: the heads of the Ba’ath party, military commanders, tribal leaders and high-ranking foreign visitors.

The dictator with the smoking gun was hanged by his own people.

A large part of the tape collection, along with many documents, was recently brought to the Conflict Records Research Center at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C.

Along with a few other researchers, I was recently given access to both the tapes and the documents.

The conversations in question cover many subjects, among them Iraq’s attitude toward Israel.

On June 3, 1978, Saddam, who was then vice president (he only assumed the country’s leadership the next year ) but already Iraq’s strongman, presented his worldview to top officers and other key people at a graduation ceremony at the Al-Bakr University for Higher Military Studies.

Saddam had no doubt that Iraq would be the first target of such a bomb.

“Therefore: will the Arabs stop or not?” he asked. He had no doubt that, without a nuclear capacity of their own, the Arabs would indeed “stop,” namely: call off the offensive. If a nuclear bomb were to be dropped on Baghdad, he insisted, “[No] Iraqi soldier will remain in the front, as he will want to know what happened to his family.”

Source: Haaretz

Facts about Operation Opera:

The IDF effectivly knocked out the Iraqi Nuclar weapons program in 1981.


 Operation Babylon[1] (Codeword: Opera, Hebrew: ‫אופרה‬‎  was a surprise Israeli air strike carried out on June 7, 1981, that destroyed a nuclear reactor under construction 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) southeast of Baghdad, Iraq.
In 1976, Iraq purchased an “Osiris”-class nuclear reactor from France.

Source: Wikipedia:

My comment:

Israel will never confirm nor deny that the state has nuclear weapons. But is commonly understood, that the Jewish state has an arsenal of atomic bombs.

That Saddam Hussein wanted to build and Iraqi nuclear bomb, has been denied by some International leaders, especially in the Muslim World

That Saddam gave the green light on 3rd of January 1978,  legitimize the Israel attack on the Iraqi nuclear facility in 1981.

If Israel had not acted before Iraq got the bomb, the Middle East would be faced with a nuclear holocaust.

The situation from 1981 is quite similar for the situation today, 30 years down the line. If Iran is not stopped by Israeli or western forces, Iran will soon get the nuclear bomb, Israel denied Saddam Hussein to develop.

Written by Ivar