Israeli says exposed credit card info in retaliation to Saudi hack

Hacker nicknamed ‘OxOmer’ reveals over 200 names, emails, and credit card numbers of Saudi nationals, as wells those of the citizens of other countries.

Many people fear our electronic money is unsafe. 400.000 Israelies feel the heat.

An Israeli hacker said Tuesday he retaliated for an hack on Israeli databases that released the credit card information of thousands of Israelis last week, revealing what he said were hundreds of Saudi credit card numbers.

A week ago, Saudi hacking group Group-XP claimed it had obtained personal information of about 400,000 Israelis. Files containing the information were posted online by a hacker identifying himself as “0xOmar.”

The devil has children trying to hack your onlines accounts.

Checks carried out by the credit card issuers and the Bank of Israel, however, determined that the details of between 14,000 and 15,000 active cards had been exposed.

A further file was published on Friday by another hacker, identifying himself as “X,”and also claiming to be from “Group-XP.” Bank Leumi warned people against downloading the new file, which it said may contain spyware.

Source: Haaretz

My comment:

That credit card details of 400.000 Israelis have been stolen, is a great tragedy for millions of Jewish families. Money might be stolen.

For all of us, it is just another reminder that digital information is not safe at all. As we move ahed towards the cash-less society, we need to reflect on the possibility of being completely digitally delated.

Whey the number “0” comes up in the screen of a Government official, you have legally ceased to exit.

The forces of anti-Christ must find away this possibility. They have to make their electrons systems so stable, that all when will be willing to become cyber-citizens.

With out your official digital number, you will simply not be permitted to buy and sell. There are now multiple businesses that do not take cash any more. With the blessings of banks and financial institutions.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Israeli says exposed credit card info in retaliation to Saudi hack

  1. Oh my gosh that’s so funny….hahahaha the picture of the Widdle Demon hacking into a computer…that’s so funny…thank you ..I needed that laugh…Oh my Gosh and some people actually believe it’s ‘individuals’ always doing this…hahaha…..Ohhhh Pharaoh, you never change from one generation to another…Build that Tower, Call all to Unity, Free all the Enemies of God and have One language, One Religion, One for all All for One in your Little Tower of (Babel) Deceit…hahahha…Christians will be singing ”Bad Boy, Bad Boy What-cha gonna to do?…The Lords coming for you…hahahahh
    The Land of “Oh no” will be heard from far and wide ! (smile) Go to the Plains of “Ono” and meet the Devil Leaders (spirits) they are the same ones of Today…Nehemiah 6# ..(smile) tsk tsk!

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