Knesset decries Jerusalem’s de facto division

1.000 new illegal Arab constructions in East Jerusalem is added every year.

The red areas are Arab constructions in 2006. The right map is Arab constructions in 1967.

There are 20,000-30,000 unauthorized buildings in eastern Jerusalem, with another 1,000 being added every year.

The is the estimate from the aState Comptroller’s Report last year.

Members of Israel’s Knesset on Monday harshly criticized the government and the Jerusalem Municipality for allowing the de facto division of the holy city.

This is taking place, even as Israeli leaders insist Jerusalem will never be divided and will remain the united capital of the Jewish people.

Arabs could care less for Jerusalem, as long as the city was a part of the Ottoman Empire up to 1917 A.D

The critical remarks came during a meeting of the Knesset Internal Affairs and Environment Committee, which was discussing rampant illegal Arab construction on the eastern side of Jerusalem.

The illegal construction is especially widespread in the areas of Jerusalem that lie beyond the security barrier.
Regavim, an NGO that monitors use of Israel’s national land, told The Jerusalem Post that Jerusalem Municipality inspectors had not visited these parts of Jerusalem since 2005 because of the security risk.

Lawmaker Yulia Berkovich of the center-left Kadima Party reacted angrily:

“It’s like saying the Jerusalem Municipality and Jerusalem Police have no ability to enforce laws [in these areas]. Has Jerusalem already been divided? Because if it has, I want to know.”

Source: Israel Today

My comment:

As the International pressure increase, the Israeli Government is getting more reluctant to keep Jerusalem united.

A wicked and perverse generation, has bought all the Islamic lies about Israel.  Global media calls East Jerusalem “occupied” by Israel. In my dictionary “occupation” is illegal procession of land. And if Jews live “illegally” inside the capital of Israel, they must be deported.

The Bible is crystal clear on the ownership of Jerusalem, funded by Jewish king David.  Everyone who tries to rob the Jewish people from this city, shall face stern judgment.

Written by Ivar

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