Sudan fascist visits his Islamic brother in Tripoli

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has arrived in Libya on his first visit abroad since he was charged with incitement to genocide.

The first fruits of the Arab spring is displayed in this tent in Libya. President Bashir and Mustafa Abdul Jalil.

President Bashir arrived with a high-level delegation for a two-day visit, airport sources were quoted as saying.

He is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on charges of genocide in Darfur and the visit was criticised by Human Rights Watch.

It said it raised questions about the new Libyan leadership’s commitment to human rights and the rule of law.

President Bashir was met by Mustafa Abdul Jalil, chairman of Libya’s ruling National Transitional Council (NTC).

They meet at Tripoli airport, a Libyan official – who asked not to be named – told Reuters news agency.

Source: The BBC

Victory for who? The Muslim brotherhood seems to have great friends in Paris and London.

My comment:

The BBC loved the shouting of “allah is great” when NATO helped the Islamic Jihad to take over Tripoli.

We know it has been hot in the province of Darfur in Sudan for millions of people. I guess such are the fruits of the prolonged “arab spring”.

Why did NATO not send a squad to arrest the war criminal from Sudan, when he was wining and dining with his Islamic brother in Tripoli?

Faulty intelligence, I presume.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Sudan fascist visits his Islamic brother in Tripoli

  1. >>>The BBC loved the shouting of “allah is great” when NATO helped the Islamic Jihad to take over Tripoli.<<< "Well isn't that just so Special..??? Yet in America, Clerks, Schools, Stores,Post Offices, Government employees are told 'don't mention the Name of Jesus, God, Christ and/or any of HIS Great Mercy, yet some go along with the status-quo and stand in line and get their stamps, pass the days doings with others in-line not knowing The Lord of Glory is not wanted by the masses and leaders…Truly not while we slept this occurred, but rather by both Political Parties promised "Love, Loyalty to God and Country" and watched & approve this Nation to promise "Love, Loyalty to 'another god' and another Country" while groveling at their feet. "Yes, Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore!" (so be very thankful) when a 'mere' employee or any mere person like yourself, acknowledges The Lord Jesus Christ whom you boldly serve, (or prayerfully will begin to boldy serve), worship and say, God bless you, In The Most Precious, Holy, Majestic, Wonderful Name of Jesus, That Name that Kings, have tried to erase, Leaders have hidden when speaking to the Nations, Mothers & Fathers have uttered when a loved one was in danger, uttered a softly spoken word, with a whisper of the ones dying, spoken with the warmth of the heart when a News caster says 'there are still more alive in the devastation of bombs, hurricanes, tumbling buildings, floods, "Oh Jesus thank you!" Oh yes His Name is still mentioned, by the ones who truly want and love Him. "His Name (Jesus) may not be held with reverence in America or around the World, or even in Mayberry or Kansas, (smile) Yet but in our hearts and on our lips, The Lord Jesus Christ forever reigns!" I truly believe OUR LORD & SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST WILL INDEED FIND REAL FAITH WHEN HE RETURNS. "Thank you Jesus'' for it is Your Faith in us that gives us faith to endure, and be strengthened in these wicked latter days & the days to come.Thank You Sir!

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