The Vatican will rule in the Old City in Jerusalem

“The answer is to have the global community regulate the sites. And it favour’s handing the task to a “large group” of states”.

The evil forces of darkness wants to bring the Pope to the Temple Mount. Here represented by Cardinal Tauran.

These are the words of Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, head of the Vatican’s Council for Interreligious Dialogue.  He wants the state of Israel to be evicted from its control of the Old City of Jerusalem.

  “The sacred and unique character of the area must be safeguarded and it can only be done with a special, internationally-guaranteed statute,” Tauran said.

Peace negotiations in the Middle East must tackle the issue of the status of the holy sites, claims the Cardinal.

“There will not be peace if the question of the holy sites is not adequately resolved,” the Holy See’s former Foreign Minister said in response to a question on Jerusalem and the Israel-Palestinian problem at a Rome conference.

“Unfortunately, up to now, the question has never been on the negotiating table in Washington or in Jerusalem. It’s practically just the Holy See who is concerned about it,” he said.

Although critics claim the question of responsibility for Muslim or Jewish sites such as the Dome of the Rock or the Western Wall would complicate already difficult peace talks, Tauran says not discussing it “only puts the issue off”.

“The part of Jerusalem within the walls — with the holy sites of the three religions — is humanity’s heritage, as each has its roots there,” he said in reference to Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

Let’s suppose that tomorrow part of Jerusalem belongs to a Palestinian state: one morning a group of fundamentalist Muslims could decide to build a mosque where the Holy Sepulchre stands,” he added.

The Vatican says the answer is to have the global community regulate the sites — and it favours handing the task to a “large group” of states, rather than placing it in the hands of the United Nations Security Council or Europe.

“The sacred and unique character of the area must be safeguarded and it can only be done with a special, internationally-guaranteed statute,” Tauran said.

Source: European Jewish Press

My comment:

I have many times warned that the Vatican plans to make the Old City of Jerusalem a “special zone”, governed by a “special regime”.

This news report is yet another confirmation about the ongoing betrayal of Israel, staged by the “Holy see”.

The Cardinals excuse for eradicating Zionist control over the Old City, is just another fabricated concern. During 1.000 years of Muslim rule in Jerusalem, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was never changed into a Mosque.  There have never been a better protector of religious freedom in Jerusalem, than the present day statehood of Israel.

What the Cardinal wants, is Vatican control over the Temple Mount.

We who stand on the lessons from the Reformation, will keep on warning others about the Pope. He is an antichrist.

The Pope will eventually set up his throne on the site of the Jewish Temple, and be presented as the “prince of peace”.

This is one of the names exclusively to be used in our worship of the Messaiah, The Pope is the man of lawlessness, who have deceived a billion of people to believe in his blasphemies. One of them is the claim that the Pope is the “Holy Father”.

Shame on all who promote and support the falsehoods of the Vatican.

Read more about the UN and Vatican promoted “special regime” in Jerusalem.

Written by Ivar

15 thoughts on “The Vatican will rule in the Old City in Jerusalem

  1. The Vatican needs only to tend to Catholic affairs and only their affairs. According to Zechariah the prophet of the Tanakh Jerusalem is an unmovable rock and all those who try to remove it will injure themselves and according to Genesis those that try to break the land covenant will be cut into pieces. Vatican only deceiving themselves and their followers. Read and learn from the scriptures because Jerusalem will NEVER EVER belong to another except the Jews and their ruling Mashiach.

  2. ohhh boy i learned a long long time ago rome and the vatican is part of the mother of harlots and it is, it is already showing signs of taking control. and i have seen commercial on tv called or org. it was either one and they are calling them together we will soon be a battle with catholics and muslims and islam they are aligning up already and now we are in 2012 things will worsen as it is obama doesnt care about israel neither does UN rome wants full control to kick jews out of jerusalem and turn it into a arab/catholic control thats what it sounds like to me they are so evil and sick,but the jews will fight back like they did in 1967 god will make israel strong all the jews have to do is ask god he will do it. supernaturally everyone will see it.even the IDF will see it, israel will have victory i trust in god will help all of them win the battle against those who trodden down on jerusalem or try to take it from them they will fail and they will be struck by the lord for it god will protect jerusalem rome’s vatican and pope will never make it. they will be stricken if they do and they better not play with god cause if they touch jerusalem they will be punished by god i know this cause i trust god and i know he loves the jews and those who stand and blesses israel pope cannot have jerusalem NO SIR,,,,,,

    1. Dear Sue.

      Shalom, and happy new year?

      The Pope can not approach Israel, and say: Hey, give me the Old city. The Pope need to get the International community to puch Zionism out of East Jerusalem. Next: They will appoint a neutral “administrator” to look after the “special zone”.

      Remember, that the “Holy see” was lobbying for this solution in 1947. Jerusalem was supposed to be governed by the United Nations, and neither be under Zionist nor Islamic control. Since both sides refused to listen, the city was attacked and divided. In 1967, the Zionists liberated East Jerusalem, and left the Pope powerless. Still He controls 25 per cent of the Old City, and hope to regain the lost “kingdom of Jerusalem”.

    1. Dear adamneiraNeira.


      You wrote:


      My reply:

      Da. (Russian for yes). People who do not recognize the antichrist, will basically not understand. They do not know the enemy, and they do not understand the Messiah.

  3. I see the dispute over Jerusalem in the prophetic meaning of Solomon’s judgment to divide the baby. The baby symbolises Jerusalem.The woman who agrees depicts the Palestinians. The other woman who would rather give up her baby than see it killed, depicts Israel.

    This prophetic story is playing out as we look-on. Eventually there will seem to be only two options to Israel. Either they agree to the division, or they give up Jerusalem to this “special regime”.

    Whilst I agree with you Ivar, that this regime will be of the Pope’s making. I can’t agree with your idea that the Pope is the Antichrist. He is the head of the harlot church that the Antichrist and his ten supporting horns eventually destroyes. The Pope is hardly likely to destroy his own church. Also the Antichrist is a king. Catholic church law forbids a Pope to be a king.

    1. Dear Phil.


      You wrote:

      I can’t agree with your idea that the Pope is the Antichrist. He is the head of the harlot church that the Antichrist and his ten supporting horns eventually destroyes.

      My comment:

      I can agree to disagree, and still call people my brothers and sisters.

      Where is it written, that the final antichrist will destroy the Roman Catholic Church? Why should the antichrist, destroy the harlot? Is she not useful for him?

    2. The harlot church isn’t destroyed until the last hour, one hour is the time of Armageddon as well…God puts it in the people’s heart (whoever they are) to kill them which means they also probably go after the AC as well. We do know there will be a false religious leader along with a polititian…so either way onew will walk into the temple and it could be the political one..I agree…we don’t know yet until he does it. I lean towards the political (2 horns)

    1. that is true no one can lay one finger onto jerusalem or israel it is supernaturally protected by the lord,he watches over this city and the jews the catholics and others think they are gonna succeed they will being only destruction on themself and others who follow one can evict israel or the jews nobody can evict them its been jewish for more than 3,000 years of history since king david sat there on his throne.i strongly beleive that Mashiach will protect the jews and those who bless the jews who are gentiles (christians) who support israel like me well i am a convert to judaism, so i admit i did that. but the lord still loves me no matter what i did, we just need to pray harder to keep jerusalem protected and safe and i know the lord loves them and will not let anything happen to anything there at all. sorry catholics and arabs (muslims) or shall i mention islam can never over run them, they will never never succeed in it. i think they just dont realize that the devil is using them right now to get in the way but he will fail in everything well take care

    2. i hope you all can see my reply here i did put one there but i did not get an email to confirm my post to this site by word press or subscription thats strange so anyone can tell me by response if yes they see my reply or not then i need to find a way to fix it many thanks

  4. This pisses me off, but it is prophecy taking place- which means moshiach can come after this and quickly! After the history of Romans and Jews this would scare me except that G-d says in those days the people will be protected that are His.

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