Russia a mafia state with Putin as godfather

“One cannot differentiate between the activities of the government and OC [organised crime] groups”.

This mafia Don has attracted tens of billions of USD in investments.

These are the words of a Spanish judge – an expert on the Russian mafia, who has studied the mob for 11 years.

He spoke to US Diplomats. The World got the knowledge through the a secret cable published by WikiLeaks.

The Spanish judge told US diplomats that he considered Russia a “mafia state”, where “one cannot differentiate between the activities of the government and OC [organised crime] groups”.

The commenter of the Russian Mafia, is a journalist in Financial Times, recored 16th of December 2011.

In my own experience researching crime in Russia, one often came across hybrid organisations made up of organised crime and law enforcement.

Though it was never quite clear who was telling whom what to do.

Take the assassination of opposition journalist Anna Politkovskaya in 2006, for example; those arrested included a professional mafia hitman, an active duty FSB colonel and members of a police special surveillance unit, who are all currently awaiting a second trial.

Another high-profile crime was the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in prison in 2009, whose fate was sealed after he accused police investigators of tax fraud amounting to $230m (£147m). All those involved are still free.

Source: Financial Times

My comment:

The fall of the Soviet Union resulted in the invasion of Coca Cola and Mac Donald’s. The Capitalists on Wall Street needed to expand the consumer culture to Russia, and make the Russians slave of “cheep” credit.

The problem with Russia, is that this nation do not respect the laws of the free market. A man like Vladimir Pution do not have to file an application to get credit or cash. He has his own ways to achieve Financial gain. He just have to show you his gun.

Now you, will run to the bank, and provide whatever is demanded by the mob to come under their protection and cover.

Western businessmen do not like to tell you, how much they have paid Putin and his goons.  They rather make a show, to try to justify their investments. Hoping that they one day will be able to exit from Russia, at least being able to bring some of their cash with them back home.

Written by Ivar

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