EU envoy: Israel must not fear the Islamists

Europe’s envoy to the Southern Mediterranean says ‘It is much more difficult to have wars with democracies.’

Catholic Spaniard Bernardino Leon tries to convice Israel they can trust the Islamists.

The European Union’s special envoy to the Southern Mediterranean, Bernardino Leon, on a lightening visit to Israel Thursday, told Haaretz that he does not believe Israel need fear the rise of Islamist governments in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

“It is much more difficult to have wars with democracies,” Leon said.

Leon, whose responsibilities include the EU response to the Arab Spring, was appointed to the post in July. He was previously the political adviser to the outgoing Spanish prime minister, Jose Zapatero, and is a diplomat with more than 20 years’ experience, dealing mainly with the Middle East and the Arab world.

Over the past few months, Leon has shuttled between Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya to begin to open lines of communication and dialogue between the EU and the new parties rising in those countries, particularly the Islamists.

Source: Israeli daily Haaretz

My comment:

Is it difficult to have wars with democracies?

When Nazi-Germany attacked United Kingdom in 1940,  there was no advantage for the UK to be a democracy.  Hitler could take quick totalitarian decision, and did not have to obey any International Laws or agreements.

The war Cabinet in London, struggled to save its citizens from falling to the lows of the German leadership of criminals and crocks.

In a similar way, Israel struggles to maintain sanity, among insane Islamic terrorists. The claim that Israel has noting to fear from Islamist’s, is at best laughable. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the years after the International community forced Israel to surrender Jewish properties in Gaza,  the “trustable Islamists” fired thousands of rockets into Israel. This kind of “peace gesture” will be repeated from the so-called West bank, the day the Israel army is forced to abandon the Biblical heartland of the Jewish nation.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “EU envoy: Israel must not fear the Islamists

  1. Matt McLaughlin. There are two parties to the Oslo pact you refer to. It may be true that Israel hasn’t fulfilled it’s part, but the Palestinians have not only not fulfilled their part, they are openly arrogant about the fact they have no intention of doing so. Witness the fact they are still inciting Jew hatred in their media and schools etc. They celebrate their suicide bombers by naming roads and squares after them. They refuse to officially amend their constitution that still calls for the destruction of Israel. And they advertise that last fact by their flag, that pictures all of Israel from Jordan to the sea as Palestine.
    As long as these Arab usurpers continue trying to steal the God given land of Israel, it’s rightful owners have no obligation to any agreements made.

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