Bradly Manning (23) could face the death penalty for giving Wikileaks secret US cables.

The Military tribunal in the US has the power and authority to execute Bradly Manning.

The military pretrial hearing for Pfc. Bradley Manning opened contentiously Friday, with his defense attorney arguing that the presiding officer lacked the impartiality to render fair judgment in a case growing out of the release of a trove of government secrets to WikiLeaks last year.

Bradly Manning, 23, could face the death penalty or life in prison if he goes to trial and is found guilty of all charges related to the alleged leaking of hundreds of thousands of secret U.S. documents.

Source: The Washington Post

My comment:

Bradly Manning is a modern day hero. Without him being loyal to the taxpayers, we would not have become aware of the unlimited  falsehood of the Global elite.

Sadly enough: The Worlds population seems to be less concerned that our planet are governed by hypocrites. The double-standards exposed by the Wikileaks has made hardly any impact in the Western Society.

Few if any President have been removed from power. I cant name a single Prime Minister who have been forced to resign, as a consequence of the exposure of lies, cheating and hypocrisy.

If Bradly Manning is given life in imprisonment, there will not be a storm on the courthouse to demand punishment of the military judge.

The Western World is ready for martial laws. Comfortably numb people will hardly take notice even if Bradly Manning would be beheaded.

Written by Ivar