– Israel was behind the Utøya massacre in Norway

The Norwegian terrorists wanted to force Norway to change its pro-Palestinian politics.

The Norwegian "peace" scientist Ola Tunander.

This is the claim from senior political scientist  Ola Tunander in PRIFO. (Peace Research Institute of Oslo).

In a long political analysis published in idunn.no, he accuses pro-Israel forces to be the inspiration of Utøya-terrorist Anders Behring Breivik.

 “When Anders Behring Breivik was arrested and we were able to look at his video and read his manifesto, it became clear that he was inspired by Jewish-Christian anti-jihadist writers”, claims Tunander.

He continues:

 “Some critics argued that Breivik had been used by Israeli forces with an interest in changing Norway’s policy towards Palestine, as if Breivik had copied the Israeli bombing of the British headquarters in Jerusalem in 1946, on the very anniversary of that attack”.

 Source: Idunn.no

My comment:

Israel have never told anyone to boycott Norway. To even claim that the Israeli Government was involved in the killing of 69 people in Norway by a Norwegian, is a grave insult to all Norwegians.

That the present Norwegian Foreign Minister is a supporter of the Hamas is no big secret. That he had misguided the AUF to put up the banner “Boycott Israel”, is a message the Hamas would have hailed, any day.

Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik attacked the Government of Norway. Neither because he wanted the Norwegian borders open to more Jewish immigration, nor because the wanted Norwegians to buy more Israeli products.

Behring Breivik was of the opinion that the government of Norway has sold its soul to Islam and “multiculturalism”.  The AUF is the youth movement of the ruling Labor Party. By slaughtering the youth, Breivik believed He would be hailed by all Norwegians. He was convinced his crusade would  trigger an European war on Islam.

To blame Israel for the rise of Islamic power in Europe, is outrageous. The Europeans have them selves opened their borders for anti-democratic Islamic forces, without any help of Israel.

The claims of Tunander reminds me about the ideology and convictions of the Nazis. They blamed the Jews for trying to take political control in Europe, and being the source of terrorism against the German people. Now the Jews have been accused for being the source of terrorism against the Norwegians and Norway, by a man who work for a “peace institute” in Oslo.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “– Israel was behind the Utøya massacre in Norway

  1. I was personally behind it. I am a jew who enjoys christian blood so now my wine cellar has gallons of blood. yay. I am also responsible for global warming and the demise of the dinosaurs, while we’re on the subject of blaming jews.

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