General Franco gave Nazis list of 6.000 Jews in Spain

In 1941, the Spanish Catholic dictator instructed the provincial governors to provide names of Jews to be handed over to ‘final solution’ architect Heinrich Himmler‬‬.

The Spanish Newspaper ” ‪‪El País” last week published the order signed by‬‬ Fascist Dictator. When former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir thanked Spanish dictator General Francisco Franco for his “humanitarian attitude” and for protecting the Jews in his country during the Holocaust, she was not aware that he had given this order.

The list, which was published in the El País newspaper on Sunday, would have sent thousands more Jews to their deaths in the Nazi extermination camps.

Franco, whose apologists and supporters claim he gave protection to the Jews of Spain, ordered his officials during the Second World War to compose a list of some 6,000 Jews, both Spanish and foreign, living in his country.

The list was handed over to the Nazi architect of the “final solution”, German SS chief Heinrich Himmler, at a time when the two countries were discussing Spain’s possible incorporation into the axis powers that included Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan.

Catholic General Franco was close ally with another Roman Catholic, Nazi-leader Adolf Hitler.

The Spanish newspaper published the original order, which was recently unearthed in the Spanish government’s archives.

The order instructed provincial governors to provide detailed lists of “all the national and foreign Jews living in the province…

showing their personal and political leanings, means of living, commercial activities, degree of danger and security category.”

The governors were ordered to keep a close eye on Sephardic Jews, as their language and appearance enabled them to blend in with Spanish society.

“Their adaptation to our environment and their similar temperament allow them to hide their origins more easily,” said the order, sent out in May 1941.

The order describes the Jews as a race, and not a religious minority. “This notorious race”, the order said, “remained unnoticed, with no opportunity of preventing their easily-carried out attempts at subversion.”


My comment:

It is understandable that a secular Jew like Golda Meir could not see the difference between false Christianity in form of Catholicism, and the true Jewish faith in Jesus the Messiah.

But there is no excuse for protestant Christians, not to be able to see the difference.  Many Churches from the Lutheran to some Pentecostal Churches, has accepted Rome as a part of the Christian family.

When they mixed up true Messianic faith with a corrupt religious system of the Vatican, what do they expect to get?

I guess the answer is “harlot’s”, spiritual unclean children that are on their way back to their mother Church, the mother of all “harlots”.

They will all end up in the Spiritual Babylon, that will be destroyed on the final day of judgment. “Catholic Mary”, a copy-cat of the Biblical Jewish Miriam (Mary) will have a central role to play.

Revelation: 17:4-7

The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. And on her forehead a name was written: 


I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And when I saw her, I marveled with great amazement.

First published: June 24.2010

Written by Ivar

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  1. A further comment: Some people are trying to inundate the world with “information” about Eugenio Pacelli, who called himself “Pope Pius XII”, as a saint, even though he was partly to blame for the holocaust.

    The same is true about the pedophile actor Karol Wojtyla, who peddled Zyklon-B for I.G. Farben in German Death Camps.

  2. this pope was FULLY to blame for the holocaust. who do you think funded it? germany was financially depleted due to the 1ww. all influences and decisions for the 2ww were primarily made from the vatican. they did this in the name of christianity. non-christian jews see THIS twisted side of the faith and therefore refuse to accept Yeshua as Mesiah because they believe the whole thing to be ludicrous. rome has long time been an enemy to the jews (the eagle from the north). jealousy is an ugly thing.

    1. Dear Michelle.

      Shalom, and welcome with this comment.

      You wrote.

      all influences and decisions for the 2ww were primarily made from the vatican.

      My comment:

      The Pope of Rome had limited influence during World War I. He was sent in internal exile in Italy in 1870. The Vatican statehood was not established before in 1929, when the Pope returned to Rome, invited by Mussolini.

      Roman Catholics in Germany was not overjoyed by the rise of the Nazis. During the German election in 1932, the Nazis got almost 38 per cent of the votes. The Catholic Party did not merge with the Nazi-party before after Hitler grabbed power. From 1933 onwards, it was easy going for the Nazis. They raised funds from all sectors in Germany. The Vatican was surely giving the Nazis moral support. That was enough for the German Catholics to support Hitler in every way.

  3. “The Spanish newspaper published the original order, which was recently unearthed in the Spanish government’s archives.”

    Where is the link?……El Pais,FAKE

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