“I think that we’ve had an invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs”.

Newt Gingrich is branded a racist for calling Arabs for Arabs.

These are the words of US Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich.

US Republican presidential candidate thrust himself into controversy on Friday by declaring that the Palestinians are an “invented” people who want to destroy Israel.

“Remember, there was no Palestine as a state. It was part of the Ottoman Empire” until the early 20th century, Gingrich said.

“I think that we’ve had an invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs, and who were historically part of the Arab community. And they had a chance to go many places, and for a variety of political reasons we have sustained this war against Israel now since the 1940s, and it’s tragic,” he said.

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad reacted with dismay to Gingrich’s statement, saying that “our people have been here since the very beginning and are determined to stay on their land until the very end.”

Source:  Ynetnews.com

My comment:

To call people “Arabs” have now become racism.  That is strange. I thought the word “Arab” was a tittle the people in the Middle East carried with horror and dignity?

You have to be willing to call a spade for a spade.

I know quite a few people are skeptical to Newt Gingrich, because he recently converted to his wife’s faith of Catholicism. But I am sure Gingrich will find if difficult to support the Vaticans bid for a new “Palestinian statehood”.

The “Palestinian mandate” of the UN, clearly define Transjordan as the Eastern part of “British Palestine” to be given to the Arabs. And all the area West of the river Jordan, also the mountains, were to be given to the Jewish people.

There have never been a people called “Palestinians” who lived on the mountains of Zion. This is an invention from the year of 1964, when the PLO was formed. A “people” invented to be used as a tool for provoke the total destruction of the young Jewish statehood.

Not so strange: 60 per cent of the people who live in the Kingdom of Jordan call them selves “Palestinians”. A logical consequence of their existence inside the former “East part of British Palestine”. That Arabs wants to use this name is still strange to people who know the history of the Middle East. “Palestine” is a name given this area by Italian occupiers 2000 year ago. I guess that is why the Pope in Rome use this name so often.

This is the truth. Regardless if Islamic terrorists and Fascists calls this “racism”, and their lies have been copied and told a million times in Western Media and National assemblies all over the globe.

Written by Ivar