World wants Israel to release top PLO terrorists

The World leaders tell Israel to use “opportunity” to release Fatah prisoners and build up Abbas’s stature on the Palestinian street.

Hamas-Hanyeh and PLO-Abbas scored a victory for 1037 criminals released from prison in exchange for one Israeli soldier.

550 prisoners, of Israel’s choosing, to be released in second stage of deal expected to take place December 18.

The government plans to release Palestinian petty criminals later this month to complete the Gilad Schalit prisoner exchange, not any high-profile Fatah security prisoners as a gesture to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, officials said on Wednesday.

Under the Egyptian-mediated prisoner swap in October that led to Schalit’s release, 477 “heavy” security prisoners and terrorists whose names were agreed upon by Israel and Hamas were released in the first stage of the deal. Another 550 prisoners, of Israel’s choosing, will be released in the second stage, expected to take place on December 18.

Numerous calls from world leaders have come into Jerusalem urging Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to use the opportunity to release Fatah prisoners and build up Abbas’s stature on the Palestinian street. Because of Abbas’s continued refusal to enter into direct talks with Israel – unless Jerusalem stops all construction beyond the Green Line – those entreaties are for the most part falling on deaf ears.

“We will release car thieves, not make any gestures to Abbas,” one government official said. He said that the list of prisoners to be released is being drawn up by the Justice Ministry, and will be approved by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

To let criminals out of prisons under pressure from criminals, is a horrible crime of injustice. The victims of crimes, can no longer trust that there is a system of justice that will be respected by the politicians.

Israel is no exception.

A man who rob me can smile at me, and laugh. Just like in Al Capone’s Chicago. Boldly he can tell me:

“In a month or two my brothers will kidnap a cop, and I will be released. But you will never get back what you have lost”.

When people loose respect for the law and order system, the crowed takes the law into their own hands.

What else to do?

Shall we just stand and watch when Islamic terrorists rape our daughters?

Jesus the Messiah told us to love our enemies, and pray for those who persecute us. I guess to love our enemies sometimes, very much, is to put Him behind bars, so He can get a chains to regret the crime He has committed. In prison he will get food and medical care as required.

To let criminals roam free, will be the opposite of love. Now He will go on a criminal rampage, because there is no consequence for doing pure satanic evil. The mafia, the mob, is now running the business of the Western World. Islamic terrorists tells the World leaders to jump, and they jump.

Israel is the last frontier of freedom and democracy. Israel is under heavy pressure. Please stand with Her.

Written by Ivar

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