Islamic terrorist camp divided on Syria

Hamas do not want to support Basher al Assad anymore. Hizb’Allah stick to their guns.

Head of the Syrian National Council Burhan Ghalioun.

“The Syrian revolutionaries in the streets daily shout slogans against Iran and Hizbullah after the resistance’s [Hizbullah’s] mask slipped off when it sided with the Syrian regime and helped it crush its oppressed people,”

This is the message from the head of the Syrian National Council Burhan Ghalioun said Monday in the Lebanese newspaper Al-Mustaqbal.

Reconsidering Syria’s strategy with Iran and putting an end to arms supplies to Hizbullah are among the Syrian opposition’s demands, Ghalioun said.

Ghalioun stressed that the next Syrian government would “not interfere” in Lebanon’s internal affairs.

“We send a clear message to all allies and spies of the Syrian regime in Lebanon to think about their future in their country… after the collapse of the criminal regime in Damascus,” he warned.

“The end of the regime is inevitable within a few months,” he said. “All we need are safe zones that Syrian opposition members, who will immediately multiply, can resort to; and then the regime won’t be able to hold out against this popular flood,” he said.

Source: Daily Star, Lebanon.

My comment:

Many times, the Arabs have been unable to “deal” with Israel, simply because of endless infighting.

I guess we see the same again, in regards to Syria.

Hamas has realized that supporting the Basher al-Aassad regime will not bring the needed UN cash into Gaza.  Money supplies from Iran has also been limited, and stopped by International sanctions.

For Hizb”allah, the situation is different. The Islamic terrorists organization on Israel’s northern border, now control an entire statehood. The Hizb”allah leadership have access to resources unlimited.  Unlike Gaza, Lebanon can get shipments directly from Syria, through borders Israel can not control.

The situation in Syria is fluid. We are seeing a crack in the union between Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Hisb”allah.

Written by Ivar

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