More Jew hate from “Palestine” in the name of “Jesus”

After Cleansing Bethlehem of Christians, PA Plays “Jesus Card”.

"Christmas": A Roman Catholic priest offers incense infront of Abu Mazen and the Islamic leadership in Ramallah.

When Christmas comes around, the Palestinian Authority looks for ways to incite Christian hatred of Jews worldwide. This year, the Jew-baiting has taken the form of a report by AFP regarding a Jewish town’s opposition to Christmas trees and a book that calls Jesus “the first Palestinian martyr.”

While carrying the anti-Jewish Christmas tree story, world media neglected to note that the PA has been brutally and systematically driving out its Christian population – in Bethlehem and elsewhere – through torture and murder.

Depicting Israel in the role of Dr. Seuss’s “Grinch who stole Christmas,” AFP sadly reported that “there will be no celebrations this year in a Jewish suburb of Nazareth, after its mayor sparked outrage by refusing to allow Christmas trees to be placed in town squares, calling them provocative.”

The report has been featured on Yahoo!news, eliciting mostly angry anti-Israeli talkbacks, and elsewhere.

The suburb in question, Nazareth Illit, was established for the express purpose of creating a Jewish neighborhood next to Arab Nazareth. Over the past decade, however, thousands of Arabs have moved into the Jewish neighborhood, and it has become dangerous for Jews to walk down certain streets due to Arab harassment.

Mayor Shimon Gapso and many of the Jewish residents see the demand by Arabs to put Christmas trees in public squares as just another act of Arab-nationalist chutzpah.

AFP quoted Aziz Dahdal, a 35-year-old Christian resident of Nazareth Illit, as saying Gapso’s decision against Christmas trees in public squares amounted to “racism.”

While depicting Jews as anti-Christian, the PA likes to promote the notion that Jesus – who was a Second Temple era Jew – was in fact a “Palestinian.”

Palestinian Media Watch, which monitors PA incitement, reported that author Samih Ghanadreh from Nazareth called Jesus “the first Palestinian martyr” in a recent appearance on PA TV (see embedded video).

Earlier this year the Fatah Communications and Education Authority issued as statement on the official Fatah website claiming the Virgin Mary was “of the nation of Palestine.”

Source: Israel National News

Source: The false ‘Palestinian Jesus”.

The ultimate Catholic and Islamic falsehood

News That Matters reported on this 'Jesus falsehood" in March 2010.

Read this article.

First published: December 28th, 2010.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “More Jew hate from “Palestine” in the name of “Jesus”

  1. I just dont understand christians who have an anti jewish retoric. I think about Mel Gibson’s comments when he stated that the jews caused all the wars. How could a man who so loves christ not love our jewish brothers. I just dont get it?

  2. It’s really very simple to understand, Richard. The bible says that you will know them by their fruit. What kind of fruit is Mel Gibson displaying? It certainly isn’t fruit from God. The reason why this can happen is that the churches have fallen away and people in them “think” they are saved, but they really aren’t. They say all kinds of things like they are saved, they quote bible scriptures, and say things a real christian would say, but they aren’t one. What is really in people comes out usually when they are under the influence of liquor and it did with Mel Gibson. Mel can build his own church and claim to be a christian but my bible tells me that I will know them by their fruit! And Mr. Gibson I see our fruit! It is simple when you understand what is really going on!

  3. The word of The God (not a god) is perfectly clear, There can be no fellowship with darkness, nor with unbelievers nor with those who : Idols are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands, they have mouths that cannot speak, eyes they have, but do not see, they have ears , but they do not hear, nor is there any breath in their mouths, those who make them are like them, so is everyone who trusts in them. (Psalms 135: 15 , 16, 17, and 18.) . Rick Warren has lost his way,. I had bought all of his books , I will be mailing them back to Saddleback Church. We are to be the light of this world as Christians not compromising with Jesus precious blood, He paid the cost for our Salvation, we have no business joining groups.that do not believe in Gods Holy Bible, His precious son Jesus Christ and the very clear blue print for our lives. Rick Warren stop elevating the creation of false gods and their teachings and worship the precious gift to us.Jesus Christ our Savior. I will be praying for you.

  4. Chaplain,

    You will probably greatly disagree with me, but God did not call women to be chaplains. I’m going to be very blunt and say that I see some of your fruit here. We can not go against the bible. God called 12 apostles that were men and every preacher after that in the bible was a man. The priests were men in the old testament. Where has this suddenly changed???? Anser is nowhere. So you will know them by their fruit including you.

    The Israel you see now are the good figs that Ezekiel saw. God took the good figs and the bad figs into captivity. God killed off the bad figs and said only the good figs would be able to return to the restored nation of Israel in the end days. The good figs are the ones that will be obedient to God and be willing to listen to Him.

    We are Jews who are Jews inwardly now the good figs and the gentiles.

    The nation of Israel was restored at the end here because of God’s great name’s sake and for no other reason than that. Not because any group of people desired it, but because God is God and He was great enough to restore Israel. Now Israel will never be removed, it is here forever now. The world will try and come against it but even this is God’s doings as He is going to gather all the nations together that came against Israel in the Valley of Jephophat to destroy them.

    All churches have fallen away now not just the Saddleback Church, it is all of them now. So if you are going to go through and try and pick out the bad churches, might as well save your time. They are all in the same condition all. That is what the falling away was.


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