Islamist parties made dramatic advances in Egypt’s parliamentary elections. This is reflecting a growing embrace of religious-oriented sentiment across turbulent North Africa.

Egyptians do not what to be governed by human rights. They want the rule of "allah".

The relatively moderate Muslim Brotherhood, whose Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) has von 40 per cent of the vote.

Al Noor Salafi Movement, a hard-line Muslim group, had the second-highest total, 20 per cent in the first round of voting for the lower house of parliament, according to Yousri Abdel Kareem, head of the executive office of the Higher Judicial Election Council.

Source: The CNN

It is amazing to see the lack of knowledge and naive attitude of journalists and editors in the West.

For months, the headlines have been “The Arab spring rolls on”. NATO’s support of Islamic Jihad in Libya has been branded as Eurabia’s standing with persecuted Muslims, in their struggle for freedom and democracy.

When the Egyptians now elect the Fascists in the Muslim Brotherhood to rule over them, it is a copycat act of how the Nazis came to power in Germany in 1932. Hitler and his goons secured 36 per cent of the votes. The Fascists in Egypt are lifted to power by even more popular support. And the CNN calls them “moderate’s”

The party that got 20 per cent of the votes, is even more extreme. To cripple and kill infidels is their way of life, as demand in the Koran.  They could easily have elected Osama Bin Laden as on of their cabinet ministers.

Both the winning parties do not recognize the state of Israel, but wants the Jewish state abolished. If needed, by violence and Jihad. Just like Hitler wanted to get rid of the worlds Jews.

These are the very fruits of billions of US dollar given by the Obama Administration, to “secure democracy” in Egypt.

The “Arab Spring” in the Middle East is nothing less than the start of a horrible Islamic winter. For the West, it is a brilliant example of what Muslims will do in your municipality, the moment they are in majority. They will bring the very end of your freedom.

Secular and Christians a like, have laughed about prophetic messengers who have warned about the formation of Eurabia.  Now we are there.

Soon, it will become a criminal act to make critical comments on Islam in public, not only in the Middle East. But all over Western Europe, and even in the USA.

The new World order, the final beast, will bring out the the grim realities hidden in mans wicked heart. There will be a ban on preaching the Gospel, and to claim that only Jesus can save man from spending eternity in Hell.

The last war on this planet, is the war on the Word of God.

Also the promises Jesus has given the Israel and the Jewish people will be tried deleted. Jews who live on the mountains of Zion, will be branded as Hate criminals, who have stolen land from the Arabs.

The World will united in an operation, a military bid to evict them. This will in the Global media be presented as a-very-need-to-do. We will be told the troops are “crusaider’s”, who are called to being peace to the region and the World.

Luckily, we do not know the day and hour of dooms day. But we are most likely not to fare away from the end of the age.

Written by Ivar