“Motorpsycho with music from above, writes a claimed Christian daily.

Motorpsyco could be just like the boys next door.

Monday night, a Satanic rock band performed a concert inside the Cathedral in Oslo.

The rock band from the city of Trondheim, was accompanied by Ståle Solløkken, who played the Church orgle. One of the melodies hay played togather, was “bridge over trouble waters”.

A nice cover for the next hymn book of the Church of Norway.

Source: Norwegian daily Vårt Land

My comment:

The Church council of Norway and the majority of the Bishop just voted to bring a secular song by a former Communist into the official hymn book of the Church.

So why not invite a Satanic rock band, to perform in the main Cathedral in the capital of Oslo?

This very Cathedral opened the door for syncretism with Islam, in the week after the Utøya massacre.  God of the Bible obvious abandon such wicked assemblies, and let the children of the devil take over the show.

To anyone who do not know the music of Motorpsycho, I can enlighten you with some of their lyrics.

Take a look at the lyrics of the song named “Baby Jesus”. Not exactly inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Lyrics to Baby Jesus:

Ma Johnson does the laundry
on her front yard porch
Mrs Harris cuts the roses
while her husband mowes the lawn
and it’s feeling like my day has just begun

I’m standing on the sidewalk,
will they understand?
when I’m smilimg at their faces
with her picture in my hand
yes,I want them all to see that she loves me
will it show that I’m the one who set her free?

Dad Morgan’s in the driveway
tuning up his car
Miss Perkins has a shovel,
and it’s getting quite bizzare
and I hope she doesn’t dig too deep today
well,I know soon they’ll find her anyway..

Please also read the lyrics to

“Another Ugly Tune”:

All these feeble signs of joy
as you portray them,
is a sad and lonely sight
I don’t think your coctail-lives
are that joyous,
look me in the eye and say
that you’ll last the night
get the car-keys
get the children
get the gun……(x2)
Now,did Junior seem a bit
weird at dinner?
don’t you find you just can’t tell?
I’d like to ask Which one do you
know the better-
the kids you put to life,
or the stupid digits that you sell?
get the car-keys
get the children
get the gun……

mind your parents
mind your teacher
mind your boss
and mind your job

(end of lyrics)

“Get the children, get the gun”…!!!!!!!!

I guess Motorpsycho is searching for the gun that Anders Behring Breivik left at Utøya.

The next rock band to perform in Oslo Cathedral should be "Guns and roses".

This is just another brilliant example of the madness that reigns in Oslo. No end to curses, no end to wickedness, paid for and blessed by the Lutheran Church of Norway.

Written by Ivar