Templar Knight wants Norway to embrace the Pope

“The Pope is the ultimate knight of Christendom”. This is written in the manifesto of Anders Behring Breivik (32).

The Norwegian Templar Knight, and member of the lodge "Saint Olai of the three pillars".

In his 1500 pages manifesto, the Norwegian Templar Knight who massacred Socialist youth in Norway, used the word “Catholic” 134 times.

The word “Pope” is used 90 times.

Anders Behring Breivik is convinced that the Pope is the ultimate knight of Christendom.

The Templar Knight in the order of “Saint Olai of the three pilars” is also convinced that Norwegians must return to their Roman Catholic roots.

Breivik believes that the Vatican is the only true Church.

Breivik also waits for the next ‘just and conservative pope” to appear.

This Pope will lead an end time revival.

This is what Breivik writes:

  “When a just and conservative Pope mounts the chair of Peter, the tide will set strongly toward Rome. We will hear of conversions on every hand. The joyful radiance of this Popes appearance among us will be seen as nothing less than a strong and just knight of Christianity. A Crusader Pope, a man who symbolises and protects the persecuted Church”.

“This new Pope will be a defender of Christianity, and will not contribute to the annihilation of Christendom through suicidal humanism”.

Source: Manifesto of Breivik, Page 1134,

Breivik is disappointed with the Protestant state Church in Norway, which he is convinced is a hybrid false Church, run by Marxists and promoters of multiculturalism.

 ” This has resulted in a situation where a majority of Protestants, me included, have lost all respect for the Protestant church. An increasing number of European Protestants are converting to Catholicism. Only by turning to Rome may Protestants be able to see some of the shortcomings of our espoused faith”.

 First published 30.07.2011

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Templar Knight wants Norway to embrace the Pope

  1. It’s amazing how the Catholic Popes portray The Apostle Peter…so contrary to The Word of God…almost like watching the ones who are not Catholic ‘hawking out..gratuities for gain’ and yet all the while they both will align their selves with any crook that comes down the pike with the right amount of personal profit..they could care less what The Lord says,,the more I read about this Templar mess the more I see greed running rampant and it I believe is a set-up to nail the Christians while they get the Islamic rule approved, anyone who says anything contrary to what they want to pass will be called “hate speech”…just like all the other things they shoved to the ‘acceptance’ of the Church and public…for the past 50 years..I’ve seen it come and stay! May God have mercy on Israel they’ll need it..

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