The Norwegian Foreign minister continues his campaign of Jew-hate in the Norwegian media.

Norwegian FM Gahr Støre brings more curses down on the Kingdom of Norway by his blunt Jew-hate.

Three weeks ago, Israel started to block funds the Jewish state sends to the PLO authority in Ramallah. The reason for this action was two fold.

1. “Palestine” has been recognized as a statehood in UNESCO, with the “yes” vote of Norway.

2. Radical Islam continued to fire rockets into Israel.

This is the response from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affaires.

 – This is like using water-torture against the economy.  They (the Jews) almost kill it, explained Gahr Støre on a joint press conference Thursday afternoon, together with the leader of the interim administration in Ramallah,  Salam Fayyed

The Norwegian Foreign Minister gives a deeper explanation in the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

 – Israel takes the oxygen out of the economy. It is the verge of collapsing. I chose to say things as they are. We have protested to the Israelis both in Norway and in Jerusalem, proclaims Gahr Støre.


My comment:

The word “torture” has hardly been used in regards to Jews and the economy before. So the Norwegian FM has found a new terminology useful for spreading anti-Semitism.

Adolf Hitler accused the Jews of controlling the World economy, but never accused them for using “torture” as a tool to gain something economically.

“Water torture” is also a new word that can be used to express how bad the Jewish people are. I am not sure what it is, but it reminds me about “water boarding”. That is a torture method used by the CIA to make Islamic terrorists talk. Their head are kept under water, and a drowning is simulated.

To take the “oxygen” out of the economy, reminds me about Zyklon B. That is a gas used in Auswitch, to take the oxygen out of the air.  Zyklon B is a powder, that releases hydrogen cyanide in a chemical reaction during the encounter with water particles in oxygen. Inside closed bunkers, The Jews did simply not get enough oxygen, but suffocated, and died a horrible death.

That the Norwegian Foreign Minister chose to use this kind of terminology, makes him a perfect National Socialist. A Norwegian neo-Nazi. It is time to call a spade for a spade. I will tell him on his face when I meet him, if he gives me 10 minutes to explain. Please send him a link to this article.

The Nazis were carefully inventing a terminology that could brand the Jews as evil, wicked, and horrible people. They were considered to be lower beings than the rats.

The truth is that Israel can not accept “Palestine” as a member of UNECO, because there is no agreement about what to do with the Historical and religious sites of Judaism in Judea and Samaria. At best, Norwegians simply do not care. The truth is that the Norwegian Government do care, and actively sides with the Radical Islam. Jointly they work for the total destruction of the Jewish state, to delete the truth about the Jewish people, their history and religious identity.

To declare Judea and Samaria as  ‘Islamic land”, is like robbing Jewish properties in Norway, Germany and Poland in the 1940-ties. The Nazis confiscated all Jewish properties in Norway in 1942, and gifted Jewish houses and factories to the Norwegian state.

Israel has its full rights to hold back the funding to a neo-Nazi terrorist state, till this kind of promoted hybrid-statehood get its acts togather and recognizes:

1. The historical rights of the Jews to their religious sites.

2. The Jewish state of Israel’s right to exist.

Till this is done, Israel must not listen to men like Jonas Gahr Støre. The consequences of listening to men like Adolf Hitler, Jews knows fairly well.

I can not say this more clearly to the people of Norway, my own people by birth. Our elected leaders are bringing curses down on the nation. They will manifest them selves in more filth, perversions and horrible accidents in the near future.

Written by Ivar