Joseph tomb in Samaria belongs to the Jewish people

Interior minister ‬‬Eli Yishai ‪‪visits holy site in Nablus together with 1,500 Jewish worshipers, says ‘Tomb belongs to us and we must resume full control.

Interior Minister Eli Yishai pray at the tomb of Joseph in Nablus in Samaria.

Since the second intifada, Joseph’s Tomb has been under Palestinian control. The IDF allows organized groups to visit the site at nights. However, some breslov hassidic groups arrive at the compound without coordinating their visits.

The passing year has seen recurring clashes between Israeli worshippers and Palestinians with IDF forces caught in the middle. Last April, 24-year-old Joseph Ben-Livnat was shot to death by Palestinian officers in an incident at the site.


My comment:

From a Biblical perspective, Judea and Samaria is more Jewish than Tel Aviv. The commercial capital of Israel was built in 1909.  The tomb of Joseph Bar Jacob is more than 3.000 year old.  If this tomb in Nablus i Samaria is not Jewish property, than nothing inside the state of Israel belongs to the Jews.

The secular state of Israel must never give pagans the right to violate the tomb of the Jewish forefathers. That includes the tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron. This is a Jewish site. The Koran does not even mention the name of Isaac. So Islam has no rights whatsoever to violate this tomb.

The proposed “Palestine” is a hybrid state, carefully invented based on Jew-hate. Arabs who believe in the Koran tries to delete the monuments of Jewish heritage inside the promised land. This kind of statehood must never see the light of day. Because it will bring darkness to the land God of the Bible, told the Jewish people to be caretaker off.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Joseph tomb in Samaria belongs to the Jewish people

  1. how could you believe that belong to Jewish people only and its under Palestinian army control.
    yousof is all around profit,,,,,,,,, God bless him.

  2. We Muslims Love all the Prophets who came to guide the human mankind, they’re all ours and for your information Hazrat Ishaaq (Isaac) (May Peace be upon him) name has been mentioned in Quran-e-Majeed with full respect as he is also our Prophet not only your’s. Same is the case with all the Patriarchs buried in Hebron and elsewhere.

    So before spewing nonsense about Muslims, Islam and Quran without evidence, reason and logic go read the Quran and then come n talk with facts.

    I am here to answer all of your questions and clear your confusions regarding Islam.


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