Iran condemns sanctions targeting financial sector as ‘futile, repetitious efforts’ and a ‘show of hostility’ by Western nations.

Putin has no plans to slow down his support for Ahmadinejad.

Russia on Tuesday dismissed the new Western sanctions targeting Iran’s financial and energy sectors as “unacceptable,” warning that such measures would hurt the chances of renewing talks with Tehran over its nuclear program.

“We again underline that the Russian Federation considers such extraterritorial measures unacceptable and contradictory to international law,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in the statement.

Source: Haaretz

My comment:

Iran produces to much energy,  that no one will let Israel cripple its nuclear facilities. China alone receive 15 per cent of its oil from the Islamic republic. If Israel bombs Tehran, the Chinese economy will stop growing. The only nation that can bail out the European Union, will not be able to give more credit. All this talk about economic sanctions against Iran, is just talk. Empty talk.

Lets see what Wikipedia writes:

 In 2005, Russia was the seventh largest trading partner of Iran, with 5.33% of all exports to Iran originating from Russia.[13] Trade relations between the two increased from USD$1 billion in 2005[14] to $3.7 billion in 2008.

The nations of the World have the strongest and best relationship with Iran. Just read the article under, and see all the Global leaders that greets president Mahmoud Ahmaminejad.  The World cared less that Hitler said He would “terminate” the Jews. In a similar way, today’s leader pay hardly any attention to the present “Hitler’s” treat of another Holocaust.

Israel is left alone, Her destiny is only in the hands of the Messiah. When the Jewish people face their darkest hours, He will return.

Put your trust in Him. Not in man. The human heart is desperately wicked.

No doubt, what John the Apostles wrote is correct. The World dwells in evil. Jesus His self said” People hated the light, because their deeds were evil.

Written by Ivar