Iranian leader promotes final Holocaust

Why do the World put their trust in the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Is it because he atleast is honest, just like Hitler? He bluntly says He will destroy the Jewish people. Where do you stand?

Dont put your trust in this man

Dont put your trust in this man

First published: 19.03.2009.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Iranian leader promotes final Holocaust

    1. Der Bridget.


      It reminds me about the days of Nazism in Germany. There were few who bothered what Hitler had written in “Mein Kampf”. Even after the Krystalnight in November 1938, many political leaders in Europe felt it was possible to make “peace” with Herr Hitler.

      Winston Churchill was mocked and ridiculed for his warnings against Nazism, 10 years before the war started. Churchill saw evil in Hitler, a man who would do what he promised to do. The people who are warning against Iran today, are likewise branded as “off the mark”.

  1. Thanks Ivar. At times we feel so isolated, we see exactly what is coming at us, it’s like a runaway train aimed at the Whole House of Israel. History is about to repeat itself and the world once again is silent. The cries from inside the concentration camps should still be ringing in all of humanities ears. The sight of immasiated bodies and those of the dead piled high, the sound of breaking glass and gold stars, the stench of decaying bodies that no one bothered to burry. These were the sons and daughters of Abraham, whose names are etched into the palms of the most High GOd. The world may think that no one will care, but there is a GOd in heaven who has numbered the hairs on our heads. And He is coming soon.

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