The German chancellor’s luxury jet can soon be used to transport Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Angela Merkel talks about sanctions against Iran, but supplies them with the very "air force one" of Germany.

The odd sale of a German chancellor’s luxury jet to the Iranians could possibly lead to its use by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, or other leading figures of Iran’s government to travel around the world.

A nice German seat, soon to be used by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
While the Bundestag talks about saction, they sell their "air force one" to Iran.
Next time Ahmadinejad fly to the UN in New York, he might come with the former German official state airliner.

A Western diplomatic source told The Jerusalem Post on Monday: “The case is awkward. It proves again, however, why tougher sanctions need to be imposed on Iran to ensure no bypass and diversion channels are used to break the sanctions.”

The Obama administration imposed sanctions on Mahan airline in October because of the commercial airline’s work with the sanctioned Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

According to Treasury official David Cohen, “Mahan Air’s close coordination with the IRGC-QF [Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp-Quds Force], secretly ferrying operatives, weapons and funds on its flights, reveals yet another facet of the IRGC’s extensive infiltration of Iran’s commercial sector to facilitate its support for terrorism.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

Source of pictures: Der Spiegel

My comment:

Who are they trying to fool?

The World leaders of “papenheimers” are a gathering of first class hypocrites.

They talk about sanctions on Iran in open forums and media, and increase trade with Iran in secret business talk.

Germans have to be extra careful how they treat a nation like Iran. The leadership in Tehran has promised to delete the state of Israel, if they get a nuclear bomb. A second and final Holocaust is within reach.

Germans hailed Hitler, and gave him totalitarian powers. That today’s Germans support regimes like Iran is not only a disgrace. It is a brilliant example that history repeat it self.

Nazism never died. It just went into hibernation for some time, when Nazi-Germany fell in 1945.

Jew-hate will not end before the day Jesus the Messiah throw all Jew-haters into the burning lake of fire.

Written by Ivar