Some 250 people were arrested in New York alone, many of them as trouble flared near the stock exchange.

The revolution has begun. The reign of the final antichrist is just around the corner.

Thousands of demonstrators have marched across New York’s Brooklyn Bridge in one of several US rallies of support for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Seven officers and 10 protesters were injured during the day, the New York Times reported.

In rallies across the US on Thursday:

•    In Los Angeles about about 500 marchers chanted anti-bank slogans; more than two dozen were arrested

•    City officials in Dallas evicted a protesters’ camp, detaining nearly 20 people

•    Arrests were made in Portland, Oregon, as activists tried to “occupy” a city centre Wells Fargo bank branch

•    Dozens more demonstrators were held by police in Las Vegas, Nevada and St Louis, Missouri

•    Protesters shut the river bridge in Chicago, Illinois during rush hour, while activists in Seattle, Washington closed the University Bridge

•    Rallies were held at bridges considered in disrepair in Miami, Florida; Detroit, Michigan; and Boston, Massachusetts, as activists called for infrastructure projects to create jobs

•    There were smaller protests elsewhere, including in Denver, Colorado and Washington DC.

Source: The BBC.

My comment:

The post-Christian societies will not stand. Just before the Messiah returns, a supreme false King will appear. He will rule the Earth. Also the United States of America.

The present President of the US, is paving the way for the last and final antichrist.

The US have erupted into chaos before. In the 1960-ties, Washington had to give into the popular pressure. Like today, brutal police force was used in a bid to control the masses.

Her are some pictures, that expose the parallel:

Capitalism looks for profit. Not socal justice.
Slavery and Capitalism is two sides of the same coin. 1960 and 2011.
Zuccotti Park in New York November 15, 2011.
Birmingham, Alabama.
The police and protestors playing one of the final games.
If you do not want to join them, at least let the dogs bite them.

This time, the chaos that is coming to the US, will come as there will be chaos all over the World. The timing is perfect. The final antichrist will not be revealed, before the power that holds him back is taken away.

The Holy people will stand stripped off their power. Few, if any, will be willing to listen to, and obey the gospel.

Out of chaos, comes the demand for a new, strong and charismatic leader. He will be performing great miracles and signs. In millions, people will be deceived. He will be elevated to the seat of “god”, even put him self up in God’s temple.

When this happens, lift your eyes towards Heaven. Cry out, and ask for power to stand faithful to the end. Because if Jesus had not shortened those days, non of us will be able to survive.

Written by Ivar