The PLO seeks cash in exhange for exit of statehood

“Palestinians” are prepared to suspend their efforts to achieve full membership in such agencies as the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization.

The "Palestine" statehood bid is another mockery of the truth. Abbas wants cash to exit.

The Palestinian Authority has offered the United States a deal, saying it would freeze all moves to achieve full membership for “Palestine” in various UN agencies until the end of January, while the United States and Israel would resume transferring it funds.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s special envoy Isaac Molho met secretly in London on Tuesday with U.S. administration representatives David Hale and Dennis Ross to discuss the suggestion.

Source:  Haaretz

My comment:

There is much more enthusiasm in cities like London and Paris about “Palestine”, than in Ramallah. The idea that the land of Israel do not belong to the Jews, have more supporters in World Council of Churches, than in an average secular Muslim home in Jordan.

Jew-hate has a price-tag. For a secular man like Mahmoud Abbas, the main motive behind his work is to fill up his secret Swiss Bank accounts. The idea of forming “two-state-Palestine” is a western concept, supported by the Pope and many “Christian” Churches. Believing Muslims wants a one state solution.

The PLO have no idea how to run a state. Their ideology is based on robbery of the Jewish state. When the Jews are forced to flee their homes, Muslims can move in for free. 

Who do not want money and properties for free?

If the Jewish settlements can not be taken over by the PLO, why at all try to build a new state?

There are already 22 Muslim nations in the Middle East and North Africa, where Arabs who wants Islamic rule can live.

The political games in the United Nations are ugly.

Israel is again facing a point blank bid of blackmailing. Your tax money will again be used to give huge pay outs to Islamic terrorists, the very “gangsters for allah”.

Written by Ivar

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