“Iran is closer to getting an (atomic) bomb than is thought,”

Benjamin must give a swift military order sooner than later. If not the Israeli general's will be unable to stop a nuclear Iran.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday the full extent of Iran’s nuclear program was not reflected in a recent UN report, which said that Tehran appeared to have worked on designing an atomic bomb.

“Iran is closer to getting an (atomic) bomb than is thought,” Netanyahu said in remarks to cabinet ministers, quoted by an official from his office.

“Only things that could be proven were written (in the UN report), but in reality there are many other things that we see.”

At the start of the meeting, Netanyahu repeated his call for the world “to stop Iran’s race to arm itself with a nuclear weapon before it is too late.”  (Reuters)

Source: Reuters

My comment:

Nazi-Germany also worked on designing an atomic bomb in 1944.

The allied forces carpet bombed Germany in the winter of 1948. More than two million Germans lost their life in the fireballs that terminated cities like Hamburg and Berlin.

Dresden almost ceased to exist. Just like Hiroshima.

If Nazi-Germany had succeeded in designing the bomb, both London and Paris would have ceased to exist in March 1945. The allied advance into Germany would have been halted, and a “peace agreement” would have been signed with Berlin.

In a similar way, Jerusalem will be forced to sign a “peace treaty” with the Islamic World. With the blessings of both secular and religious people. From Washington in the west, to Beijing in the east. The Pope of Rome will bless the whole arrangement.

The last and final Anti-Christ will rule from Jerusalem. That is something that should stir up all Friends of Israel. When the surrender of Zionism comes, we must not support the wrong camp. The last stronghold of the Zionist Jews will be on the Mountains of Judea and Samaria. Jews will flee the city.

 Luke 21:23
How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people.

Behold: Jesus of Nazareth will return. He will rescue all who waits for His second coming. Amen.

Written by Ivar