Catholic priest raped eight altar boys in Brazil

A 77-year-old priest in Sao Paulo has been sentenced to 60 years in jail for raping eight of his altar boys.Priest Jose Afonso De raped eight altar boys.

Father Jose Afonso De had been charged of sexually abusing the eight boys aged between 12 and 16, including some who were preparing for the priesthood.

The sexual abuse occurred in the town of Franca, located 400 kilometers (240 miles) from here in 2010, 2009 and 2001 as well as in a seminary in Capinopolis in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais.

The priest denies the charges. “Unfortunately, I can’t give details for legal reasons. But there was a sentence and we are appealing,”lawyer Eduardo Caleiro Palma told the daily Comercio de Franca Tuesday.

This "Church" is the Synagogue of Satan, full of people who claim they have replaced the Jews as God's people.

A spokesman for the Sao Paulo state court said he could not confirm the case as it was subject to legal professional privilege.

The priest has been relieved of his duties since the start of the investigation triggered by an anonymous denunciation in March last year.

The teenagers told police that the priest had invited them to his home supposedly to study the Bible but once there were forced to kiss and touch his genitals.


My comment:

The whole purpose of false Churches is to mack a mockery of the gospel. Seeing the life of fake Christians, non believers take a stand giants Jesus.

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest anti-Christian church on earth. The leader of this movement is a man elevated to the seat of “god”, claiming to be the “Holy Father”.

The priest are idol-worshippers in the name of “Jesus”. And abomination and perversion in from of God of the Bible. The core of Catholicism is rotten. The fruits is pure wickedness.

Roman Catholics claims they have replaced the Jews as the people of God. Now the Catholics are the “Jews”. They are not. They are liars.

 Revelation 2:9
I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

The parents of the eight raped altar boys are responsible for this crime. That handed the boys over the to priesthood of Satan, and let them go to the synagogue of Satan. Generational curses are passed on from the parents to their children.

That Pope in the Vatican is the head of an enormous spiritual disaster.

Written by Ivar

31 thoughts on “Catholic priest raped eight altar boys in Brazil

  1. Ivar, how can you say that the parents of these boys are responsible for the rape of their children? That seems very harsh considering that predators lurk in many places, and as parents, we have to have some level of trust when we leave our kids in the church nursery, or send the off to girl scout camp or church camp, etc. Your statement also connotes a removal of responsibility from the priest and the catholic church where he worked..which is where the responsibility lies.

    1. Dear Bridget.


      How are the parents responsible?

      Many Catholic parents who have experienced their young boys being raped by their priests, have rejected the truth. Their priests tell the Catholics that the Bible is not the truth, but Papal doctrines of different kind. When you hand your children over to the priesthood of Satan, what do you expect?

      Do you think demonized wolf’s in sheep clothing will spare idol worshipers?

      As I have stated. Generational curses are passed on from the parents to their children. Can there be any better examples?

      1. Dear Ivar,

        Having been a “Catholic parent” I do think these words are a little condemning on good meaning parents.

        Many Catholics aware of the abuses, will not let their children to be altar boys so that there is no opportunity alone with a priest. I was such a parent Even though we were Catholic, we were not trusting and refused to allow this type of situation to occur. We also stopped giving money to the diocese to give to pay for lawsuits. If anything, these parents are over trusting and have their heads in the sand concerning the reality of the widespread sexual abuse. There was a abuse even in my own town.

        I do agree with Ivar, that there are generational curses due to idolatry. Thank the Lord, the curse has been broken in my family after we left Catholicism and threw out and destroyed the idols in our home.

        I have compassion on these parents, due to their lack of knowledge and discernment..the tragedy and guilt they now must endure knowing they could have stopped it.

      2. Dear Sue.


        May be I was a little bit to blunt. But remember the Words: “My people perish because of lack of knowledge”.

        Man is suppose to search for the truth. There will be many people in Hell, who will claim that they have been wrongly judged. But the realities will bite. They are in Hell, together with Roman Catholic priests, bishops, cardinals, and the popes.

      3. Dear Sue.


        The Bible is bestseller number One in the World. The Word of God is now so widely distributed, that there is no valid excuse for an adult to let their child have a “Catholic Father” as a spiritual leader.

        You do not have to be a Born again Christian to see the wickedness of the Roman Catholic Church. Just a little bit common sense is enough.

        The rape of children by Catholic priests, will most likely not lead to a massive exodus from the Vatican religious movement. Because the spirit of death rejoices in evil and wickedness.

        When you bow before a statue of wood and stone, God of the Bible will let a demon jump right on you. It is almost impossible to escape the Catholic church. You will either be excommunicated, or soaked back into the darkness by compromises of different kinds.

  2. What is the purpose of ’60’ years? Is that the price of each boy? The Whole legal system is royally self-profitable…this man is now old and has been allowed …’ALLOWED’…to do and continue his basest nature! to emulate his leaders!!!!! Yet Jesus will grant them their due ‘rewards’!!

  3. Dear Ivar,

    I feel we need to give hope to Catholics. They can leave, they can find deliverance and hope in Lord Jesus.

    People stay in the RCC because of tradition, guilt and being told what to do for all of their lives. Especially “there is no salvation outside of the catholic church.” This has a strong grip on people.

    When they are told the Vatican knows best, and “you don’t need to read the bible” that’s where they stay. The guilt alone reigns over common sense every time.

    When a Catholic leaves, guilt follows them, until deliverance comes.

  4. Why don’t you all backoff on Catholics!!! You are all ANTI-Catholic! Always thinking every priest = Child molester………..that is not so! I have been reading these many articles which terrible information and twisting of words!

    Your anti-Catholic sentiments shine through, yet again, and resemble someone capitalizing on such a subject to cast doubts on the Catholic Church., especially in light of your suggestion pertaining ONLY to the Catholic Church as a solution to the problem.

    (edited. Shortened. Editor).

    1. Dear Stanley.


      You wrote:

      Why don’t you all backoff on Catholics!!! You are all ANTI-Catholic!.

      My comment:

      As long as Roman Catholics are sent to Hell every day, Jesus have called His students to tell the truth, also to the Papists.

      Some Catholics will listen, repent and be found inside the Kingdom of Heaven. That is my conviction.

      We will not keep mum. The blood of the Martyrs never stopped the Church from exposing the Pope as an anti-Christ in flesh.

      You hate God. You hate life. You do not want the Catholics to leave the Whore of Babylon, and be saved. That is your choice.

      I shortened your last message. You do not have permission to print Papal booklets on this site. The blood of deceived people shall not come up on my hands.

      1. Those are not papal data……….those are actually data………How dare you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        YOU ARE AFRAID OF THRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Dear Stanley.


        I am not afraid of the truth. Let us take one point at the time.

        1. Is the Pope “The Holy Father”, or is He an antichrist in the flesh. He can not be both.

        The Bible says Jesus called His Father in Heaven “Holy father”. Only God is Holy. Catholics have elevated the Pope to the very seat of God.

        Do you agree?

    2. Dear Stanley,

      You need to wake up to reality inside your church. When I was Catholic, a priest friend of mine admitted he was gay. He then, admitted the seminary was filled with filth and that it was not all “sweetness and light” as some people think it is. He admitted the seminaries are filled with sodomy.

      Obviously, not all priests are child molesters. But there is a lot of darkness done in secret. you are in denial about.

      I have a friend who wanted to be a priest. When he went to seminary, they asked if he was gay he said no. They told him gays make better priests and they kicked him out. You need to stop romanticizing your faith. Believe the gospel and be saved.

      1. Dear Sue.


        You wrote:

        Obviously, not all priests are child molesters.

        My comment:

        That is true. But they are in a Church that has hidden and protected child molesters, homosexual priests and rapists over decades. All Roman Catholic priests become responsible for horrible crimes against humanity, by simply not quitting. Their oat to serve the Pope, makes them a hell bound community.

  5. my heart breaks for a family friend of ours.He is a priest who loves the gospel and loves the Lord. He takes people off the streets, drug addicted, brings them to a house he runs and nurses them back to health.

    Since leaving Catholicism, we have shared limited views since he is overseas and we don’t speak much.

    Point being, there are Christians in the RCC. When our friend was visiting the states I asked him, “why was the church ‘neutral’ concerning Hitler?’ He answered, that because of this many catholics were saved from the gas chambers.

    My response was. “So what?” Why fear death if you have the savior? You are saying it was good to hold on to earthly life? If the pope was a Christian, he would have professed Christ and been martyred.I pray for his eyes to be opened.

    1. Dear Dave.


      This comment is also to long. Please make a short comment, and give people who are interested in the topic a link they can follow to a larger article.

    2. Dear Sue.


      Are there Christians in the Catholic Church?

      Surely. They are missionaries, who try their best to stand for the truth. They have all at least one thing in common. They do not believe that the Pope is infallible in matters of moral and understanding of the scripture.

      Judging by the cannon law, this kind of people are not proper “Catholics”. They have committed the sin, of doubting the Papacy.

      I have no right to judge them. They will face Jesus, just like I. I have chosen too work outside of the RCC. It is easier for me not to be yoked with hypocrites, and never to compromise on the gospel.

  6. Just to help out Stanely with other data! Its not going to stop!

    Has Media Ignored Sex Abuse In School?
    By Hillary Profita

    (National Review Online) This column was written by Tom Hoopes.
    John Karr is not a priest. He’s a teacher.

    Most teachers are dedicated, hard-working people who wouldn’t dream of hurting a child. The same is true of priests.

    If the suspect in the 1996 murder of JonBenet Ramsey were a priest, there would be a fresh outcry about a decades-long cover-up in the Catholic Church. Commentators from Left and Right would rightly unite in decrying the crisis and the entrenched complacency that led to it. Catholic pundits would take a special relish in pointing out that they agree: The Church had better get its act together.

    Any institution that has allowed children to be harmed by predators deserves to be taken to task for it. No institution should get a pass. And no profession should get a pass. Not preachers, not priests — not even teachers.

    Especially not teachers. And yet …

    Consider the statistics: In accordance with a requirement of President Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act, in 2002 the Department of Education carried out a study of sexual abuse in the school system.

    Hofstra University researcher Charol Shakeshaft looked into the problem, and the first thing that came to her mind when Education Week reported on the study were the daily headlines about the Catholic Church.

    “[T]hink the Catholic Church has a problem?” she said. “The physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests.”

    So, in order to better protect children, did media outlets start hounding the worse menace of the school systems, with headlines about a “Nationwide Teacher Molestation Cover-up” and by asking “Are Ed Schools Producing Pedophiles?”

    No, they didn’t. That treatment was reserved for the Catholic Church, while the greater problem in the schools was ignored altogether.

    As the National Catholic Register’s reporter Wayne Laugesen points out, the federal report said 422,000 California public-school students would be victims before graduation — a number that dwarfs the state’s entire Catholic-school enrollment of 143,000.

    Yet, during the first half of 2002, the 61 largest newspapers in California ran nearly 2,000 stories about sexual abuse in Catholic institutions, mostly concerning past allegations. During the same period, those newspapers ran four stories about the federal government’s discovery of the much larger — and ongoing — abuse scandal in public schools.

    Perhaps John Karr will help change that.

    “Could JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect John Mark Karr get a job teaching in your community?” asked USA Today. Not any more, of course; but could a creepy pedophile who isn’t all over Fox News get hired? Richard Dangel, a child psychologist in Dallas, told the paper, “Only about 4% of offenders get busted,” he says. “The other 96% don’t.” Which means that background checks won’t stop the vast majority of sex offenders.

    A writer for The New York Times lurked online at pedophile chat rooms, and reported this summer about the chilling way pedophiles convince themselves that children want to have sex with them and insinuate themselves into the lives of children.

    The Times’ Kurt Eichenwald explained that pedophiles often discuss their personal lives. They come from all walks of life, but they like to speak about how close their jobs take them to children. “The most frequent job mentioned, however, was schoolteacher,” he wrote. “A number of self-described teachers shared detailed observations about children in their classes, including events they considered sexual, like a second-grade boy holding his crotch during class.”

    The media have left many with the impression that sexual abuse is a Catholic problem — as if Catholic beliefs and customs make sex abuse inevitable. Church teaching for its part is clear: Sexual abuse of minors is always wrong. A more likely culprit would be a non-religious ambivalence about the pedophilia, as seen, for instance, in the media’s refusal to broaden its scope to include teachers when considering the issue.

    Professor Michael Tracey, whose e-mail correspondence with Karr helped in identifying him as a suspect, identified the real problem in an interview with the National Catholic Register.

    “Was JonBenet a pedophile’s dream? Clearly, clearly she was,” Tracey said. “Her death, and the whole circus surrounding it even 10 years later, has everything to do with the culture’s desire to sexualize children.”

    In 1992, the National Victim Center estimated that 29 percent of all forcible rapes in America were against children under age 11. More than a decade later, an estimated 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 7 boys are victims of unwanted sexual acts.

    The 2002 Department of Education report estimated that from 6 percent to 10 percent of all students in public schools would be victims of abuse before graduation — a staggering statistic.

    Yet, outside the Catholic Church, the reaction is increasingly accommodation instead of outrage.

    The April 17, 2002, issue of USA Today featured an article titled “Sex Between Adults and Children” — a euphemistic way of referring to child molestation. Under the headline was a ballot-like box suggesting possible opinions one might hold on the subject: “always harmful, usually harmful, sometimes harmful, rarely harmful.” The newspaper’s answer: “Child’s age and maturity make for gray areas.”

    And what about the popular culture? Mary Eberstadt has written at length about “Pedophilia Chic” — from Calvin Klein underwear ads to mainstream defenses of the North American Man-Boy Love Association. Hollywood’s heroic treatment of accused child molesters in “The People vs. Larry Flynt” and “Kinsey” — not to mention its Oscar for Roman Polanski — doesn’t help.

    It’s good that this ugly problem in the Catholic Church is being investigated, exposed, and dealt with. Now let’s expand the investigation. In the face of the evidence of a widespread epidemic of abuse fed by a new morality that winks at child molestation, why is the Church the only institution under the microscope?

    Right now an important story stares the media in the face with the cold intensity of teacher John Karr’s eyes. Will they cover it?

    Tom Hoopes is executive editor of the National Catholic Register and, with his wife, April, is editorial director of Faith & Family magazine.

    By Tom Hoopes
    Reprinted with permission from National Review Online

  7. Ivar, yes, Catholics are believing a lie. My Mom was delivered out of the catholic church and saved when I was a small child (praise God). But we were all going astray and following the passions of our flesh, the god of this world and believing many lies as unbelievers. After all, satan blinds the minds of all unbelievers. It is by God’s grace alone that you or I or anyone is saved, not by our own wise iniitiative.

    I feel if you want to be consistant in this blaming of the victims, that you should blame all victims of rape, which I don’t think you would want to do. The parent who sends their child to any non-christian daycare or club or even to a relative for the weekend. for that matter, is knowingly placing their kids in the hands of unregenerate sinners with potential to harm them. These catholic parents are guilty of believing lies, yes. But they are not responsible for the rape of their children. That responsibility lies with the priests.

    1. Often when reading stories about the priests who raped young boys, I read that the child was often being driven to/from an event by the rapist…I do agree that the rapist is 200% responsible for their horrible crime. However, parents need to be constantly on their guard & not let their children be alone w/ adults. I won’t even let my boys alone w/ my brothers or brother-in-laws! So if the parent is always passing their child off to other adults, never drops in unexpectedly at a childcare/event, never questions, they too are accountable. Our sons/daughters have only us parents in their young lives to protect them!

      1. Kay, well said.

        Though many may not agree to this but that is just the way I have been with my children … Keeping a close watch on them with an Eagle Eye .. even until they were over 18 years of age. I had a relationship with my kids where I warned them about men and women in a not too frightening way and told them to always report to me if anyone tried to hurt them. I made sure that they were absolutely confident that I was their protector after God. I thank God that until this day we have a wonderful family relationship speaking and sharing things, that few families enjoy. We must do everything we can to draw our children closer to us and to God each and every day and not put our trust in other human-beings, not even trust them with women for morals are sinking deeper and deeper into the pit of the sewer.

        [Psalm 146.3-Don’t put your confidence in powerful people; there is no help for you there.] – See Barnes’ Notes on the Bible:
        ::::::::: Put not your trust in princes – Rely on God rather than on man, however exalted he may be. There is a work of protection and salvation which no man, however exalted he may be, can perform for you; a work which God alone, who is the Maker of all things, and who never dies, can accomplish. See the notes at Psalm 118:8-9. Compare also the notes at Isaiah 2:22 : “Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils, for wherein is he to be accounted of?”
        :::::::::: Nor in the son of man – Any son of man; any human being, no matter what his rank or power. The phrase is often used to denote man. See the notes at Psalm 8:4. The appellation “Son of man” was often applied by the Saviour to himself to express emphatically the idea that he was a man – that he had a human nature; that he was identified with the race; that he was a brother, a fellow-sufferer, a friend of man: that he was not a cold and abstract being so exalted that he could not feel or weep over the sins and woes of a fallen and suffering world. The language here, however, it is scarcely necessary to say, does not refer to him. It is right to put our trust in him; we have no other trust.
        :::::::::: In whom there is no help – Margin, SALVATION. So the Hebrew. The idea is, that man cannot save us. He cannot save himself; he cannot save others… only JESUS can … His real name is YESHUA which mean SALVATION… Praise His Holy Name.. Amein.

    2. Dear Bridget.


      You wrote:

      But they are not responsible for the rape of their children. That responsibility lies with the priests.

      My reply:

      I do not disagree with you. No Catholic parents will ever go to jail, because their child has been raped by a Catholic priest. My concern in that many Catholics knows that something is seriously flawed and wrong with their priests. Still that let them “take care” of their children. This is amounting to irresponsibility. From a spiritual perspective: The wolf will always look for a not protected lamb. It will be attacked when it is alone and weak.

  8. I completely agree with that. And I agree that parents who allow(ed) their children to be unattended with these priests are guilty of irresponsiblity. I just took issue with your statement that they were responsible for the rape of their children. That statement could make victims reading your blog feel responsible for their own victimization. These parents may be foolish/irrresponsible/gullible/neglectful, whatever you want to call it, but I think it is too strong to say they are responsible for the rapes of their children.

  9. I always tell my Roman Catholics beloved friends, “Do not play and joke with the sacred things of God such as Marriage, Holly Comminion, God’s Name, Tithe, Death of Jesus, and the Commendments of God”.

  10. I cannot leave the Catholic Church and be saved according to our Cathecism. I am a cradle Catholic. I do accept easily 95% of Church doctrine and teaching. I am active in my Parish as a Reader, Extraordinary Minister of Eucharist and with St. Vincent de Paul. I see the Church as an imperfect institution made up of men, and men err, and that includes The Holy Father. If you are actually telling me that by judging The Holy Father, questioning him, condemning outwardly his protection of child predators, his lack of compassion, and his wreckless regard for the feelings of Catholics, then I read into this that I am accursed by the Church and that I should leave the Church? Is that what I am to understand? Am I accurate that the RCC says once Catholic always Catholic and that you can never leave and be saved? I try to love and carry Christ in my heart, I really do. I love God. I don’t love the Pope, I can only remotely respect him from a distance. Please God help me.

    1. Dear Don Atlanta.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus the Messiah.

      You wrote:

      I try to love and carry Christ in my heart, I really do. I love God. I don’t love the Pope, I can only remotely respect him from a distance. Please God help me.

      My reply:

      You are a person, who I believe will be able to stand for the truth. There has to be an end time revival in the Roman Catholic Church. Some insiders will be so eager to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, that they do not mind about Papal doctrines any more. They will rebuke the Pope and the council of Cardinals in public.

      You should read more about a Roman Catholic priest named Martin Luther. He managed to escape the Religious system of Rome. But if came with horrible consequences for the German people. There was war, and new born Christians died in their tens of thousand.

      Do not mind those who can kill your body. Whatever they do, they can not rob you of salvation. As long as you put your trust in Jesus the Messiah. Stop participating in mans evil deeds of darkness.

      1. Thanks. Personally I think the Holy Spirit is God within us. We can be born again in that spirit whether we are Protestant or Catholic. My Protestant friends tell me one can never get to heaven through good works, yet belief in God and accepting Christ as my Saviour without good works is empty faith, at least how I see it. If I do good works I don’t do these things as a chore or obligation, but because I want to because of the spirit within me. This has become second nature. I question if the Papacy is more of a hindrance than help to those seeking to know God, but now approaching 60 I find more and more the older I get that I grow because of some life experiences, while in spite of others. I do feel that if not for his objection to the papal stands and politics that we might have today a St. Martin Luther, and that he was very much a servant of God. His greatest objection was paying for construction of St. Peters – indulgences and all that and according to a Lutheran Pastor I know he could have overlooked most of the other things – that was the big one.

      2. Dear Don Atlata.


        Since you have renounced the Papacy as fallible, you are no longer a religious Roman Catholic. If you also have stopped bowing before images of stone and wood, I feel you are on the right track.

        You have to ask your self: Why do I call my self a Catholic?. Rather should I say I am a Christian, who obey Jesus. I know Jesus has his students inside the Vatican system. You might be one of them. As a Church leader, you might be forced to compromise on the truth. Please do not do that. This is a matter of life or death.

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